Jason Johnson....(is it time to sit ineffective Ray?)

Looked pretty sharp last night IMO during his TD drive. He moved the ball pretty easily about 50-60 yards in 3 mins. for a TD, and didn't seem nearly as confused as Ray has lately. That one 3 minute drive for Johnson got him a 1/3 of the yards that Ray took all game to achieve! If Ray can't get things going in the first half vs. sask.(which is probably very likely), I'd say there's no harm in inserting Jason Johnson. There's no way he can do any worse than Ray is right now. And what does the team have to lose? We're already 2-5, going to have great trouble making the playoffs, unless they turn things around quickly. It's time for a shakeup at QB to jump-start this uncharacteristic and pathetic Eskimos offense! I know the o-line wasn't all that great vs. BC last night, but sometimes it took Ray 5 or 6 seconds to make a decision. This IMO was the main reason for some of the times we got sacked.

The only other positive out of this game is that we are probably only 1 more loss away from losing Maciocca! That in itself is going to be fantastic. More boneheaded playcalling last night, and Rick Campbell calling the same 8 rushing on the line defensive scheme, and getting burned 90 ayrds by it again shows exactly how incompetent this Eskimos coaching staff is. Add that to the fact that Montford, Inglis, and probably soon to be Brady we're released very idioticly, and then re-signed b/c Maciocca realizes hes a complete 'tard. Releasing Diedrick for nothing is probably going to come back and bite this team in the ass too. Great job Maciocca, you're the best!

Again I agree with you 100% esks123, cuz really needs to be done about this if they even wanna look at play off spot.
They need tgose two gone before they blow the whole season, Which they are already on the way, maybe benching Ray for the next game might be what they need.
Cuz he sure in hell ain't playing up to the full potential he's got.

come on you two wake up..

benching ricky is realy gonna make him better.

there is no qb better then ricky in the league and you wanna bench...it won't happen

and dont tell me you need to bench him so he can have a look from the bench, that does nothing thats the dumbest thing ive heard. keep ricky in.

Right now there are at least 5-6 QBs that are better than him

5 Teams have better records and 1 is tied

Anyone who watched the game yesterday would have seen Ricky Ray confused for the most part of the game. Continually pump faking and wasting the precious time the o-line was giving him. He would keep looking around trying to get some reads, take 5 or 6 seconds, then get sacked. He had no instinct to step out of the pocket and mabye scramble like he did very effectively a few weeks ago vs. bc. Nor did he throw the ball away.

A major shakeup is obviously needed for the Eskimos. Most importantly, I think he should be done by firing Mac. and Rick Campbell. But should Ricky continue to struggle moving the ball, yet alone moving it to the endzone, I think it would be time to at the very least, use Johnson every couple of series, or insert him for an entire quarter if need be. Watching last year during the regular season was a complete joke. With games out of reach, Maciocca would refuse to insert Jason Maas. Even when Ray went on a 7 game no-TD streak, he still refused to use Maas. Then when Maas is finally used the last 3 minutes of the last game in the regular season... TD. And then the playoffs, basically leading the team to two victories.

Don't get me wrong, though. I think Ray is amongst the league's best quarterbacks, and he is one of my favourite players(check my sig. banner). But to continually be ineffective at putting the ball in the endzone consistently, and frequently, it is time to try new things(step away from conservative offensive scheme, or use Johnson more often).

you dont use your backup when yuor starter is the best qb in the league esks123 thats all im saying, its not his fault its macocia macocia macocia

The best QB is the league is not 2-5
Right now the best QB is 7-0

[quote="Rawnotsorookierickyray"] when yuor starter is the best qb in the league

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You would just fit in fine with your league best coach :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: your just as delusional as he is :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Woohoo! your 2-5 Titans are the best in the league :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm baffled by this conservative, ball-control offense that Maciocia seems intent on using. You've got Ricky Ray and Jason Tucker, maybe the most lethal deep-threat combo in the league along with Dickenson-Simon and Joseph-Armstead, and you're playing West Coast offense all night long? What gives? The playcalling has got to get more adventurous, more creative, and more innovative, or defences will continue to chew Ray up.

You know, if it takes Ray so long to make a decision, maybe it's because the receivers aren't getting open? Then whose fault is it?

Most of the time he makes some pretty quick decisions, or he’ll step out of the pocket. But the last 2 or 3 games, Ray has just stood in the pocket waiting…and waiting…

Who knows, maybe you are right that receivers aren’t getting open. But Tucker and Mitchell are among the leagues best, Hervey is getting a bit old, and Gaylor drops balls all of the time.

I have to agree with my poor spelling friend here. Ray isn't your problem. With the speed of Hervey and Tucker he should be playing catch with those two.

Nope, its time to get rid of Lancaster Junior. No wonder Ricky Ray looks confused. The last two teams Junior was OC for (Hamilton & Winnipeg) they missed the playoffs.

Will Junior be third time lucky?

rljr playbook may as well say logroll down the field and force the quaterback to miraculously get you the ball. he is by far the worst oc in the league.

L. Jr. isn't even the offensive coordinator, no one knows what the hell he does. Danny M. doubles as both the HC and offensive coordinator. For the most part, DM is to blame for the esks offensive woes, but if Ray struggles again like he did vs. BC...