Jason Jimenez

I just wanted to say that I support JJ a ton. He's taken a lot of crap from 'know it all' fans and media but has stuck with his story the whole way through and has remained a strong individual. I have had the privilege of meeting Jason a few times and he is pure class.

Look forward to you having another great season in orange and black this year.


I'm guessing that he didn't get "brushed" on the shoulder and lose his balance and take out your ankles from behind when you met him?

There isn't a guy I have less respect for in this league. He's hardly got a lot of crap from the media, and if it weren't for fans of this league that actually want accountability and some respect shown by the players this thing would have blown over a long time ago.

Respect is a matter of opinion. I have no respect for a few players in the league, that's my choice. You don't like Jason, that's yours. I'm just glad this whole thing is over with and we can finally move on. Crying over this isn't going to make anything better.

I'll be wearing my brand new Jimenez jersey this year at BC Place supporting the big guy!!

The thing is are you going to be up in arms when someone returns the favour to him and possibly ends his career?

The message has been sent that it's alright to deliberately injure someone and not get any suspension.

'Returning the favour' means that someone deliberately injures him. If it is obvious and can be proven that the culprit had the motivation and intention to injure Jason, no I would not support it. If it was an accident and could not be proven, such is life. it happens, you deal with it.

I find it interesting that people use the old "he has stuck with his story the whole way through" as proof of his innoncence. Jails are full of guilty people who stick to the same story of innocence for decades.

I find it even more interesting that people on here are judging Jason by a video that is worse than 1920’s black and white quality. Good god people, if you were the jury in any trial I would run the other way. Everyone is entitled to his or her own defence and in this case, the defence one. Rightfully so? Who knows. It’s over, deal with it and grow up.

Who was at the game and saw this live other than Sportsman and myself? Didn’t think so.

Nice. :lol:

I think ro summed it up nicely...

At any rate, I have no respect for him as a player or a person. Here's hoping for a mediocre season at best.

Maybe all this hate for Jason will make him play even better --> See Rob Murphy, supposed dirty goon who is the league's reigning Top Lineman 2 years in a row.

I dont hate players, not even a-holes like bertuzzi. I just disrespect them, sometimes a lot.

I have no respect for murphy, and the jury is still out, as far as I am concerned, re JJ.

Beleiving JJ guilty does not automatically equal hate for him.

Funny how "know it all fans, and media" who feel he is guilty far far outnumber the biased fans who support him. This in itself does not prove guilt but it should tell you something.

These are all pretty much the same fans who were in an uproar when Dave got hurt and defended Murphey for punching a player when Jackson was tackled!

If its over, why start a new thread about it?

The problem with JJ scumbag is that his story has changed since the hearing. The one on linebackers.com is very different then the one in the hearing. Yes RLR have your kids grow up to be like JJ Scum bag you should be proud. :lol:

That video as far as I am concerned is enough evidemce to prove other wise. Unfortunately JJ scumbag got lucky and a judge that has never followed football ruled on it.

Play by play Greg Peterson an ex player calling the game witnessed it and his story is that it was deliberate.

Oh RLR it is not over by any means. There are fans across this country that will go to games vs the Lions and I am sure they will judge JJ scumbag. The refs will also watch him closely and your lions will suffer from this. You are sadly mistaken to think it is over. The simple solution for dirtbag Wally was to sit him out a game serve one game and nothing more would be said. Man up!

Hey I hope he continues to play and is agressive. Last year in the WF whining Wally delibrately dressed an extra lineman, because he was afraid JJ was going to be watched. In the end he needed the linemen because of injuries.

If JJ forces whining wally to dress an extra linemen all season, that is a good thing. One less speciality player they have access to.

I will trust Sporty's words over yours. You see only what you want to see. Sportsmen said it was a delibrate act, and many players ON THE FIELD have said so as well, they were closer to the play than you were, so they are wrong? You need to open your eyes, and see the play for what it actually was, a dirty play.

I also find it interesting that WB won't release the video he has of the play- do you ever stop to wonder why that is RLR? It just might be that video incriminates Jimenez. I get on mikejth for being too critical of Tillman and the Riders, but maybe you should learn from him and take a more critical view of the play.

....thankfully the whole sorrid affair is 'officially' over, and the men who can sort it out best now have the opportunity to do so...and by that I do not mean headhunting JJ on the field, but rather through the off-field relationships players have....I believe JJ got away with one, and I also believe his fellow players and the refs that watch over them will think that too....I understand he was not a well loved player before this incident, I doubt his luvin-meter rose any in the last week or so...

...good point brought up by Mikejth, Wally now has a potential liability on his hands and will need to account for it for the first few weeks of the season...will this motivate the Leos or fragment them?....time will tell...

...oh I forgot, on June 26th I will take Kel's advice and soundly boo Mr. Jimenez as he takes the field....I may even shake a fist at him along with my fellow fans....I am positive this act will certainly throw Mr. Jimenez off his game and he will be able to nothing more that night than sit on the end of the bench, ostracized by player and fan alike, and ponder his lot in life.....a sad lot it is....

...but seriously, football is a game of honour, sadly Mr. Jimenez didn't get that memo I guess...

I can guarantee that the West side of Taylor Field will give Jiminez an earful all game every game he plays in Regina for the rest of his career.
The guy is a joke.