Jason Goss's release.

Would it be any good to add Jason Goss to our DB squad?

Solid DB, could start or backup.I think he has a chance to go anywhere but I see him landing in T.O. with Byron Parker's influence.

If it had been a different HC in Edmonton who released him then maybe but I have a feeling that Lapo would pass on him since it was Kavis Reed who released Goss.

Definitely needs a change of scenary.

Well, you never know. Johnathon Hefney could give another shot to the NFL again. So it could be some insurance for a 1-2 year contract for him in our DB squad. 8)

I think our DBs are fine, so I wouldn't be spending any money bringing in Goss until other holes are addressed. if we attempt to address other areas and there's some money left over, then yeah, he could be worth a shot. but I imagine he won't come cheap, because there's probably going to be multiple interested teams.