Jason Goss

was traded to the eskimos just got the email from my eskimo newletter..we gace up richard laston and the rights to a QB i havent heard of

u guys just got a quality players, he lead our team in INT's in 05 and is a wicked wicked person ver kind to his fans and a all around great guy

But he might leave in mid season for personal reasons, just to warn you. And no slight on him, he has a lot of personal family issues he is dealing with and I can understand that he may never have his heart in football totally ever again.

Interesting trade. I thought Alston was going to stay in the lineup the way he played early in the season. He should challenge for a spot. He also returns kicks although I wouldn't expect him to challenge Holmes.

Don't know that much about Goss but nice to see that we are quietly trying to upgrade that defensive backfield. I'm still hoping that Jason Nugent will be healthy this year and live up to his potential. He could still end up being the sleeper pick of last seasons draft.

Edmonton made a good trade.. Jason Goss is a good DB, you have definitely upgraded there. I do believe he was injured for a time last year, and then had the family issues, but if they are resloved and he can concentrate on football, he can be an All-Star, IMO.

Goss is not a shut down type of back, he will go for the pick instead of the tackle most times. He should improve the Esks secondary which was pretty bad most nights last season. The TiCats on the other hand got very little in return.

Great deal for the Esks IMO. Now probably just one more decent defensive back from being dependable and satisfactory for next season in terms of DBs. Alston will probably make the team help the Ticats receiving corps as a starter or backup. Bisallion was only seen in camp, so I don’t know much about him. Never heard of the QB. And then the 2nd round pick which could be either 10th overall or 14th(acquired by Esks from argos). I haven’t heard which 2nd round pick it is.