Jason Goss?

so, is he done with us now?? i heard he retired, i heard he got cut, whats the official news and how come the website hasnt told us anything? it would be a huge loss if he doesnt come back, this guy leads the cfl in int return yards and was our best db last year that led us in Ints, a ballhawk who should not have bin let go if so has happend.

It appears as if he quit on his team ... if this is the case we don't need or want him :thdn:

Geez Blitz ,
do ya think it might have to do with you and your girlfriend trying to run Joe out of town?

ya think ???

Would be nice if the team would update the fans on the status of Goss.
Very interesting they hav'nt

Could be personal.....if so, I don't need to know as that's private for Jason and his family and the team....

I like Jason and if he needs some time, I'm ok with that...


I would agree with the last part of this... if he quit on his team than i agree completely, we dont have room for these types of attitudes on this team moving forward.

BUT... its still too soon to label Jason of of these guys.

whatever, i dont think he'd quit on the team, i dont see him being liek that, hesa great guy and an awsome athlete, id be ok with hearing hes just taking time off, but if he wasnt to play for hamilton anymore id be devistated, he was great for this team and ive bin watchen him play since his days as a horned frog in college. JASON COME BACK!

Jason has had personal issues/reasons for his retirement. He DIDNT quit on his team. He did what he did for a reason, and thats that. Jason has LOVED playing for Hamilton more than ANY other team in his career. He loves his fans. And loves the ticats. BUT like I said, he had to do what he did for a reason, which is personal. :wink: :thup:

so he did retire than? man.. thats a piss off for me at least...

There was already a 6 page thread on Jason GOSS which was titled Goss Transfered to Suspended list. The very last post on that thread was only on August 25th, not that long ago.

There was a post by a GossFan who said they were a family member and that he was home with family for some sort of emergency. If this is true it is none of our business what the emergency is but I do agree that it would have been nice for the team to post something along that line so that all these threads bad mouthing him without knowing the facts, would not be going.

I use to love reading the posts to get some insight into the team, but also get tired of the slaming of some players for almost no reason sometimes. I thought we were fans of this team.

he will be missed...


Respect what you are saying ... just one question though ... will he be back this year?

or back ever?

No, I believe he is done with his career in football as a player.. He does some high school coaching during the off season, and He wants to get involved with that again.
These players can only play football with their hearts for so long. Then it doesnt become their passion anymore. I think with numerous things, it has gotten to that point with him.
But I dont want everyone to down him, because I believe he would still be playing if it werent for personal reasons. :smiley:

damn the cats for letting go a great player! sohouldna treated him with more respect i guesse

what makes you think the cats didn't show him respect?

I hope he sorts out these personal afairs and returns to football. He is too young to retire from football, if he does infact call it a career he will live to regret it later on in life.

I hope he comes back, Great player with alot of passion.

Goss almost retired after his first year. Tons of talent but if the heart isn't in it.....