Jason Goss likey to return

but he says, "I'm very confident I will return
to the CFL, it just might not be in Hamilton."

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I wish there was some way to convince him to stay.

We need some good news badly.

-Goss is a good player, but there are some free agent DB's who can replace him if he doesn't want to return to Hamilton

-Plus, the Spectator article states that Goss has asked Ticat management to trade him to a Western team. Maybe MD can broker a deal using Goss and Pat Fleming or Boreham (since Setta will probably do all our kicking this year) to pick up a starting receiver,linebacker or D-Lineman? I don't think the dealing is done yet, folks.

boo, try and get goss back but make him feel more confident this year then last and tell him we will help him out with family issues, hes to important to our secondary, when he left last year we fell apart, then started acquiring more db's to try and replace him. bring em back

Goss is only one player and if he left once hell do it again if the season starts off slowly . Its our chance to trade a quality player in a position that we have a little depth and get a player from a position where we are weak
(reciever) .

I say phone Sask. and ask if they would be interested in an all star CB and tell them we would want Dominguez in return .

Now before you call mee crazy for even suggesting that Goss is equal to Dominguez , you would have to agree that Goss is an all star calibre CB with great speed and able to cover recievers one on one . If you want this kind of talent on your team you have to give something up , similiar to what we gave up to get Butler . So i believe that it would be an equal trade that helps both teams .

We would hardly be dealing from a position of strength if he asks for a trade.
Do we even still own his rights?

I really Like Jason Goss
I understand He want be Closer to Family
I Understand any Pro Athlete hates to losing

But We need Players who want to be here.
so Trade him..
get something good not Trash like Butler..

I got it....

Cats Send...

Jason Goss
Corey Holmes
1st overall draft pick

to Edmonton for

QB - Steven Jyles

This would be a good trade for us, it addresses our need for a QB, and we have even MORE salary cap room come free agency... we would be a better football team if we made this move... :roll:

We lost games WITH Jason Goss and we lost games WITHOUT Jason Goss. If he's unhappy here, I hope he tries his luck somewhere else. Nobody is indispensible.

Yes. As I recall he signed a long term contract 2-3 yrs plus option before the start of last season. Right now he's on the suspended list and doesn't cost the team any $$. Deal him? Sure, but only if we get fair value.

Sounds to me like he is UNlikely to return to Hamilton.

He's a fine player and a good guy. He wants a trade so that when he does feel able to retunrn to the CFL he will be closer to home. His priorities are right... family first.

I would say trade him, try to accommodate his wish. I have no idea what we could get in return. A player who is on suspension and who wants a trade is not worth as much as otherwise. So I would say we should not expect too much in return, but I'd trade him anyway. It would be a classy thing for the organization to do.

There is a lot of smoke surrounding the Goss situation. One thing is as clear to me, as clear as it was when he left, he couldn't handle losing the way the Cats were losing last year. It was the nail that drove him to quit mid season.

How long a team can keep a player on their suspended list will have a great deal to do with what happens next with him.

Jason needs a job to pay his bills. Get over him. He doesn't want to earn the paycheck with this organization.

PS: How long can a player remain suspended before his release is mandated?

Nice job Ken Peters. A very interesting piece.

Good luck to Goss. As a Ti-Cat fan I'll miss him.

How about Jason Goss to Saskatchewan for D.J. Flick?

'It would be a classy thing for the organization to do.'

What's 'class' got to do with it? The Tiger Cats owe nothing to the dude who quit on his own terms. Business sense is top priority now.

There's no way Marcel would pick up DJ's 7 million dollar contract.

(At least thats what you would think hes making based on the comments coming out of this organization)

I think class has a lot to do with it. Any organization should operate that way, it's how you build a positive reputation and establish an environment where good people (on field or off) want to join and stay. To me, that is very good business sense. I think it's the way Bob Young likes to operate, and I'm glad he does.

Nope, he didn't sign a long term contract. He signed a 1 and 1. He's in his option year this year.

The team and Jason did the right thing.

Can you imagine being over 2000 miles from home and your family going through what he had to put up with and only being able to give support by telephone?

Bear in mind that when he reached a mutual agreement of a suspension, he no longer was being paid.

Now he is simply saying, I still want to be able to play ball, but would it be possible to let me do it a little closer to home?

Nothing wrong with that! Make it a win-win for everybody by way of a trade! :thup:

As always I bow to Borehamgirls info on players. However, even in his option year we retain his rights, and to answer Laughinghard's question, as long as Jason chooses not to report he can remain on the suspended list. I've no problem with a deal to accomodate his wishes, but in a league where the crossover can determine who makes the playoffs, we should epxect fair market value. If he plays, Goss, at a minimum, has conference all-star ability. He would've helped his case considerably if he had limited his comments to the family stuff(which everyone understands). Once he started whining about the team's direction, he made it much easier for Marcel to justify sitting on his rights.

Many of you posters are too mushy to be G.M.s.

Jason is a darn good ball player.

Give him a contract extension and encourage him
to bring his wife and son here to Hamilton.

I believe she lived here when she was pregnant.

I know Marcel thinks pass receivers are a dime a dozen.

I know at least one poster here thinks that
D.E.s like Tim Cheatwood are a dime a dozen.

I hope Marcel and you guys don't think that
top quality d-backs are a dime a dozen as well.


It's no good having him play out his option year here.
If he doesn't want to sign an extension trade him.

I was a fan of Jason Goss, but his explanation for not wanting to come back here seems VERY weak to me. First off, he could move his wife and son here. Secondly, whether he is here or in Calgary, Edmonton or BC, he is still far enough away from his dad that he'd have to fly to go see him. What is the difference between flying out of Hamilton Airport and flying out of Calgary Airport?

The reality is, he wants out because he is sick of losing. No one likes losing.. but I have lost a lot of respect for the guy because quite honestly, that makes him part of the problem and not part of the solution. He wants out because things got too hard. When the going gets tough, the not-so-tough go bye-bye.