Jason Goss 162 Int Return Yards, Most In Cfl

man.. i dont know abuot you guys but ever since he's bin a cat, hes done nothing but great things for this team, hes a leader, a fun guy, and not a whiner,not to forget he led the team in Int's last year/so far this year, and i think he was 2nd or 3rd in the cfl?? correct me if im wrong.
he should be locked up and kept a cat for many years! he could be one of our greatest db's, hes solid and the impressive 162 int return yards in the cfl right now r wicked! and im sure theres more of that cumin :slight_smile: A+ from me neway

Keep up the good stuff Jason and lets see some more Int's!


i owuld just hate to see a quality player plucked away from us when his contract is up. now with all the injury's to our seconday hes theo nly one who knows a damn thing, lol

He's always been one of my favourites. I've been hoping for a multi-year since his first season. Getting an extension should definately be a major priority.