Jason French

So all this celebratory chat is great and all, but does anybody know the status of Jason French? That hit did look like quite the doozie and I wouldn't be surprised if he had concussion-like symptoms.

Good point! Jason's head must have felt like Big Ben after that hit. I hope he managed to escape a concussion or neck damage.

According to the Spectator today, Jason is fine and took part in the walk-through yesterday.

Great news!!

Wheaton's comments said a lot about him. He felt bad about the hit until he was sure French was okay. It was a clean hit, but he knew what it could've done. Glad to see some worry and sportsmanship among the Argos (as we know they have to make up for Belli's lack of it)

Sorry but that's just lip service. He did not look worried at all.

Agree BG he enjoyed every minute of it…Dork.

Of course he did. Any player would. But he didn't gloat about it.

Would we expect any less from Moreno? Or Bradley when he dished out that smack on Montreal's first play from scrimmage? (highlight of the game, unfortunately)

I'm surprised French wasn't more than just shaken, because that was one monster hit. Good for him that he's alright. :thup:

Exactly!...good comment
clean hard hit!..it wasn't helmet to chin..it was a clean hard shoulder hit!

Glad he is okay

I'm glad French is okay too....but you can't blame Wheaton for anything. That was a big-time hit from a good player. He deserves to celebrate it a little and he wasn't a "dork" about it at all.

french needs to give his #15 back to tony miles, the TRUE number 15

Since when? That's Jason's number, always has been!

Glad he's doing good. The hit looked harder than it was. It was a nice hit, yeah, mainly because he was able to get underneath Jason's shoulder pads to uproot him. I think what really rattled him was their helmets clanking together. By Jason's gesture on the ground holding his head that's what it looked like.

French is a warrior and deserves a lot more respect than you're giving him. He was one of our more reliable receivers last year. He is also a very hard worker and is one of the more moral people in the CFL.

I have GREAT respect for Jason and he has earned whatever number he wants.

Where are these comments?

in one of the spec articles u can link to from the ticats website

Glad he's okay...that could have ended up alot worse.