Jason French

Jason French Is Very Underated He had 4 touchdown last season and showed good hands all season i can see him as the starting slotback at the start of the season

I agree he is underrated... perhaps he just needed a change of scenery to get things going.

how do you know jason french is the most talented receiver? for all we know Obie signed the next Geroy Simon. when you think about it, everyone needs to start somewhere. the way you make it sound is the only way we will be succesful is if every receiver we have has 7 years of experience and is making 200, 000 dollars.

The next geroy is in camp, phone the neighbors and wake the children......we just a report in that obie has found the next geroy simon..please share it with the rest of us and explain how we will get him to sign long term at entry level money. Thanks chris101, who is the next geroy? french, bauman or jojo?

i don't recall saying any of them are or ever will be. I am saying it is a possibility Obie has found the next Geroy. But Geroy or not, according to your logic we need to sign them all to long term contracts to pay top dollar

I don't know about being the most under-rated, but I sure saw Jason French doing good things yesterday. It's clear he really wants a spot on this team.

Every Returning Play Knows His Job is online .
The Competition is Fierce

I agree that he is underrated. At least on last year's squad he was, considering the limited playing time he was given, and was productive every chance he got. HOwever, I can't make a blind statement that he deserves a spot on this team, because receiver competition is fierce, it seems. Only competition will tell. He is one of my favorites from last year's team. Good luck to him :thup:

You sound like an elitist ........

Jason Who?

Yeah, I think so too..