Jason French

Who would have though that the trade of Anderson and French for Kornegay would have ended in French getting the last laugh? Everyone thought he was just an added incentive and he turns out to be a solid pick-up personally I think Kornegay had never played well here.

I for one have always liked French and was really pleased with the way he played tonight(Best Receiver IMO). I think he deserves a starting spot for next week

I was really pleased with French too. We've been searching for a really good over-the-middle receiver who can take a hit and hang on to the ball since Morreale was released... I think we've finally got him.

Way too soon to annoint French as the heir apparent to Morreale or anyone else for that matter. I'm glad he had a decent game but he'll have to do it next week and the week after that and the week after that to even begin to get my vote of confidence.

An Argo-Cat fan

I for one did not think thatFrench would be the stealof that trade. I also did not think that we would have 3 Canadians as our 3 most promising wrs. I am frustrated that we are not scoring, but I am impressed that we are so competitive using almost exclusively Non-Import talent.

We are the only team in recent memory with a Non-Import back, and I think at one point we had 3 NI wrs and 3 NI OLS. Are we playing with more Canadians than the ratio requires.

If we are, I don't have a problem with it because they are producing . . . but I would have our draft evaluators explain the game of football o our American scouts.

I was impressed with French for the simple reason that he learned to hang on a to a football. He was nothing special when he played with the Riders (trust me, I had to watch him every week), and if getting out of Saskatchewan was what it took for him to regain his focus on the field, good on him.