jason french cut....

From the CFL site: 22 July 2008

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats released Non-Import WR Jason French.

yr thoughts folks?

i thought jason was quite competent as a canadian receiver or are we hearing the patter of footsteps from Indianapolis?

Interesting theory.

Colts main camp is set to open on Thursday. Giguere is still listed on their roster and there's no indication in the press yet that he won't be there.

But maybe Obie or Giguere's agent sees some writing on the wall?

Or Obie's brother (who works for the Colts) has whispered in his ear.


Cue the X-Files theme.

Since when does Obie's brother work for the Colts??

You're thinking of Ti-Cats Director of Quality Control Dennis Polian. His brother works for the Colts.

Actually Dennis Polian's father is the one that is the president and general manager for the Colts and his brother Chris works under Bill in Indy.

  • paul

I know his father works for the Colts also but I was just talking about his brother.

Jason is a very competent veteran receiver.

O'Neil Wilson has taken his job here for now.

Jason would be a good pick up for a team
with injuries to their Canadian receivers.

Whats the earlyest we could see Giguere?

Good Chance we won’t
Colts Coaching Staff Really like him as there 5th WR

and you know they really like him how? i cant see him doing any better than practise roster down there.

Where he would be better paid and have a chance to work his way onto a team with the best passing QB in the NFL...Assuming he doesn't make the roster.

i never said he souldnt take a practise roster spot. i was just asking where he got that info from.

Now it appears as if they have reversed this news and it does not appear on cfl.ca anymore.

Similar to the Michael Bishop charade perhaps?

What is happening with Bishop? Still on waivers? Or looking for "playing time" and getting "nun"?

Have we seen anything from O'Neil Wilson? I always thought Jason deserved more playing time. I thought he was an excellent receiver in his short time here last year. Ahhh....what can you do right? Good luck to him.

Wilson had 1 catch late in the calgary game. Thats it. Was only 6-7 yards.

French is now on the Practice Roster.

as Jojo was before him..