Jason Farr

im a fan of jason farr. i think he should stay. with all the talk, let's get the numbers to prove it?

should he stay or go?

im an idiot :slight_smile: and im drunk :slight_smile:


Hey jason hows it goin lol

not bad...i have cough due to cold.

Now, now... it's one thing to start a thread about Jason... it's quite another to impersonate him.

I'm sure the CIBC wouldn't like you doing that using their internet connection.

Not to mention artificially padding the results through bogus voting....

I saw the results go from like 15-2 against Farr to something like 29-15 in favour of Farr in a matter of maybe 15 minutes or so it seemed.... :lol:


Get rid of Jason and give us Bubba O'Neil :rockin: :rockin:

It's not so much who he is or his voice, it's how he announces the games. I wish he would stop being a cheerleader type of announcer and just do what other stadium announcers do, give us the facts in an announcer voice rather than a 16 year old cheerleader voice.

Hes an idiot. He fits in with the rest of the drunks at the game.

He's better than Rick the temp

A stadium announcer should be like a good ref, you hardly notice they are even there.

He's better than Rick the temp
He ain't no Bill Sturrup either.

As an asideā€¦Rick the Temp was not our PA Announcer. Hire a professionalā€¦Farr sounds like an excited high school announcer. (with apologies to excited high school announcers everywhere)

Is it me, or does Jason tend to cheer almost continually for the DEFENCE.
eg: "Lets hear it for the defense!"
"The Defense can't hear you!"
"How bout that Hamilton Tigercat

I realize our OFFENSE stinks, but shouldn't an announcer be at least a little familiar with some impartiality?

Offence has to be on the field a bit longer in order to cheer for them, 2 and out you dont have time to cheer. Since the defence is on the field for 3/4 of the game what do you expect to hear? :?

What in cryin out loud is a PA announcer doing acting like a friggin cheerleader, if this is what he wants to do, then be a cheerleader, not a PA announcer.

:? I just wish that he could get the players correct. At the last game he actually announced that Ranek kicked a punt. :lol:

His voice was much more calm and subdued during last game --- subsequently --- much better announcing. Although it was hilarious when he tried to get the fans pumped with 39 ticks left when we got a first down!

Oh, OH! Gross exageration here. This has NEVER happened.
It seems to me that we may not have a lot of time to cheer, but considering the PA system almost never shuts up with the garbage some folks refer to as music, they could find the time by substituting for a cheer or two for the offense.
Perhaps this would inspire them to play more professionally.