Jason Farr resigning

I was disappointed to see that Jason has decided to leave the PA booth, to focus solely as a city councilor.
I thought that this year had really improved.
He will be a tough act to follow :rockin:

I wasn't a fan of his style.

But I gotta say he was driving me nuts when the game ended. He just wouldn't shut up! We were all trying to come to terms with what just happened and I kept hearing and endless overly loud blah, blah, blah that went on forever.

Good luck to Jason and Ward 2 and I wish him and ward 2 well.

I wonder if he will be overly loud and obnoxious in council meetings.

Even on TV he is annoying. He was more a monster truck or wrestling style announcer doing football games.

All the best to Jason but quite frankly, all I need from a PA guy is "1st and ten" and that's about it to be honest. I appreciate though all the dedication to the TigerCats over the years, nice job Jason. But time to move on no question.

Different strokes for different folks I guess. I always liked his over-the-top style even though I knew it drove some fans bonkers. I also liked his homer-ism. A real Cats booster.

An Argo-Cat fan


I was a fan of his play by play, but will admit that much of his extratalking got annoying.


Probably retiring from the mike so there is no confilict of interest now that he is a city counciller. I personally liked his style and think he did a good job as an announcer.


doc: So did I. I thought he was very entertaining and kept things hopping all the way through the game.
I wish him luck in his new job as a councillor.


I actually thought he got much better with experience. I didn't like all the cheerleading he did in the first couple seasons. But then he toned it down and turned into an 'excitable' announcer. Not totally my cup of tea, but not bad either. Not incredibly different than Andy Frost.

I've always liked the more traditional guys. Let the fans do the yelling.

OH yeah...and definitely best wishes to him in his Ward 2 representation. I've always admired his passion for making Hamilton a better place.

As much as he irritated me, I can't fault his love of the Ticats. I wish him all the best.

At least one good thing came out of the election. Jason Farr is no longer the PA guy. Hallelujah. I am with Banshee, can't fault his love of the Cats and I wish him well at city hall.

I actually thing he did a really good job this year and am sad to see him go.

Why would someone who has spoke out against the team on several occasions even go to a game in the first place?

Sorry Zen, not sure what you are referring too.

Apparently if you don't constantly praise a sports team and dare disapprove of something they do you are not allowed in the building. Thats the way I read it

Well, you have this warped idea that the city is putting money into the team at the tax payers expense. You could not be more wrong.

The stadium isn't being built just for the Cats. You do understand that there are only 10 Games a year right? It's not like it's just going to be built and the keys get handed to Bob Young. It will host any local soccer and football or any of the other uses the city has for Ivor Wynne now.

You just have a warped idea of everything like I said and you also seem to have no true love for the team. Where exactly did you get all these crazy ideas?

Also, Bob is investing about 10 million into a building he will have no ownership of. A tenant helping pay for the construction.

One more thing.. even if the city was helping fund the Cats how can you possibly be against support for a local team you claim to be a fan of??? Do you go see bands you like in concert and boo them?

Hamilton's main identity after steel is the Ticats. Period.

Jason is Nice guy who loves the Ticats so It will nice to see someone at City hall to fight for them