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so we are sitting in the pub getting ready to watch the Canada Russia world Jr semi, and between games what happens to be on TSN classic on the big screen...2010 playoff game against BC, when Jason Clermont caught his first TD as a Rider. The bar erupted...for a game over a year old...

It is saddening that if he hangs it up now he will likely retire as a Lion. I hope he does another couple years. I know he is capable, and I hope Tucker can entice him to stay, and make him more of an impact player. I would love to see him retire as a Rider, as he is one of the best of the best, but was never given a good chance in green. It must be so hard for him knowing what he can do, that he has the best hands on the team, that nobody in the league catches a ball up the middle like him...to potentially be going out like this. Jason Clermont is one of my favorite players of all time, and i can only wish that his Rider jersey would hang in the HOF, but at this point nobody can blame him for hanging an orange one.

uh...sorry. Clermont was and is one of my favorite players as well, but, there is no way he can still get it done like he used to. It doesn't matter how much you train, how much you work, father time catches up with everyone. And if he was that good still, Wally Buono would never have released him. Not denying that he has great hands, but that doesn't do him much good if he can't get seperation from the dbs and is blanketed all the time.

Well maybe if we stop lining him up as a wide receiver we could get some production, basically seeing that hes aging rotate him at slotback with Hill, Dressler and Fantuz (if applicable) then have Getzlaf and Koch as wideouts. Hopefully the 2013 GREY CUP in Sask will act a some sort of motivation but that depends if we have another 5-13 season I doubt he'll come back the season after.. I think he still has ally to offer I.e 2010 west semi final

To quote my Grandmother the guy is slow as molasses in January. He does not deserve to be in the CFL anymore and he would not have been the last couple years if he wasn't from Regina. (my Opinion obviously). He had a good run as a BC Lion, but he has done very very little for us as a Rider, and some of his fanboys will say its because he wasn't given a chance, but he wasn't given a chance because he doesn't have it anymore. The man played a very rough hard style of football and now his body is beaten and worn and slow. Hang them up Jason, retire a Lion if you want (I would if I was him), but stop wasting a roster spot. This will in turn stop the sentimental Regina fan from screaming your name every time some other receiver does something wrong. "Clermont would have caught that" sure, but he wouldn't have been open in the first place.

Rant over

I think he did very well with the limited action he got. The playoff touchdown proves he can still get pretty open. As far as the fair shot...I can not blame the Riders for going with youth. Your not going to sit Andy for JC. That being said, I believe he should have been rotated in more frequently when Andy was not around.



" My contract is up soon. Talked to one manager yesterday, but he wants to lock me in for 3 years. #Mobile #Data "

Jason doesn't want a 3yr contract..

I have felt that he likely wants a 2 year deal...only because Regina hosts in 2012 and the shot of planning in the GC at home with the Riders has to be in the back of his mind. I also feel that seeing what Andy does will be a factor.

He probably doesn't want a 3 year deal but it was offered now if they offer him a 2 year, I can see him jumping at that.

I read on Riderfans that the tweet was a joke with the hash tags being mobile data, him and Rod Peterson were in on it together just to get a rise out of people.

Gotta be a joke. Why would he care if it's 1-2-3 or ten years. When he doesn't want to play anymore he retires, simple as that. It's not like he's going to be forgoing future opportunities signing a 3 year deal at his age and limitations.

I rather enjoyed the contract tweet! Hate to run over on your #mobile #data

Jason Clermont ? @JasonClermont
@Mitchel_Wiles I received an offer from a great CFL team and although I am grateful for the opportunity, I am staying home.

I am sure that all are already well aware, but JIC, Jason Clermont officially retired a couple days back. I wish you all the best, and wish even more that better opportunity had been presented by the club...you deserved better! At minimum there was more opportunity for your talents last season!

It didn’t take Jason Clermont long to come to grips with the end of his CFL playing career.

“I don’t know anybody who plays forever,? the 33-year-old Regina product said Tuesday after telling the Leader-Post that he was “done? after 10 seasons in the league. “I’m healthy. I’m able to walk out of the game with the same two legs I walked into it with, so I’m pretty happy about that.

“I was frustrated the last three years (with the Saskatchewan Roughriders) in the role that there wasn’t for me, but in hindsight, I really put myself through a physical beating during the time I spent in B.C. It might be a blessing that my body has been spared quite a bit the last three years.?

Clermont spent his first seven CFL seasons with the B.C. Lions, but he was released after the 2008 season. He signed with the Roughriders in December of 2008 and spent three seasons with them, primarily in a backup capacity.

Saskatchewan didn’t offer the 6-3, 227-pound slotback a contract after he became a free agent Feb. 15, but Clermont said he “had some opportunities? to continue his career.

“One of them seemed like a really good football opportunity, so there was the 21-year-old inside of me whose knee-jerk response was ‘Go do it,’ ? said Clermont, a partner in a Regina realty company who lives year-round in the Queen City with his wife and three children.

“Then, as I started to unravel all the variables in my life, I realized it would be a very selfish decision for me to leave home and play football for one or two more years when I’m happy with my career how it is.?

Clermont was one of the top receivers in Canadian junior football when the Regina Rams moved to Canadian Interuniversity Sport in 1999 and he built on that at the university level.

He was a fixture on Canada West all-star teams and on CIS all-Canadian teams and, in 2001, was Canada West’s nominee for the Hec Crighton Trophy as the top player in CIS football. Clermont’s showing that season also earned him an invitation to play in the 2002 East-West Shrine Game with NCAA all-stars.

Later that spring, he was selected by the Lions in the first round (fourth overall) of the CFL draft. He stuck with them in 2002 and, that season, caught 46 passes for 735 yards and six touchdowns en route to being named the league’s most outstanding rookie.

In the next five seasons, he surpassed the 1,000-yard mark three times and, in 2004 and ’07, was named the CFL’s most outstanding Canadian. He also was voted the top Canadian in the 2004 Grey Cup game.

After the 2008 season, Clermont was released by the Lions and signed by the Roughriders. Being used as a reserve, or as a wide receiver, led to frustration for someone who had made his name as a starting slotback.

“The kind of player that I am is a pretty specific role and there just wasn’t that role for me here, unfortunately,? said Clermont, who caught 73 regular-season passes for 849 yards and one touchdown over his time with the Roughriders. “I was under the impression that that role was going to be created and it wasn’t.?

That said, Clermont never regretted his decision to sign in Saskatchewan.

“We went to two Grey Cups (in 2009 and 2010) and, for three years, I got to spend every night with my family,? he said. “I didn’t grow up tossing the ball in the park dreaming of playing for any other team than the Saskatchewan Roughriders. That was good to be able to do that.?

Clermont leaves the CFL with 501 career receptions for 6,766 yards and 38 touchdowns in 165 regular-season games.

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