Jason Clermont

I am wondering how long it will be before Jason Clermont starts to become frustrated with not being a more consistent part of our offense. Is he not getting open or is Durant not looking for him? I was quite excited when I heard he was joining the Riders but now it all seems kind of a let down.

I know i'm frustrated.

A few telegraphed balls to Dressler in tight coverage over the middle were knocked loose that i'm sure a much bigger guy like JC would of held onto.

JC is 5th receiver ( i think), at this rate he could play till he's 40...

Tell me about it, I find it sick he's not being used to his potential.........

me too but he's 6th on the depth chart!

there are younger guys who are pretty darn good!
look who they have?

Fantuz, Getzlaf, Bagg, Dressler, Walker, Clermont.

I personally am not that frustrated. I didn't think Clermont was a savior. I already liked our receiving core as it stood and I was ready for the disappointment. I was pretty sure that when we signed him, it meant that we were not going to sign Mo Lloyd. Unfortunately it meant we didn't sign Lloyd and Mackenzie, which is now coming to haunt us. Depth. Why on earth do you sign an old receiver who has played as hard as Clermont has for a big contract instead of two young Linebackers is still beyond me.
I predict that Clermont will not be playing in 2011. I don't think it has anything to do with the system or the qb's not throwing to him, I just think he is not as good as he once was, and what he once was, was not as good as everyone makes it out to be.

But that is me, and I have never really liked him, back from when he was a ram.

It was a dream of Hopson's to have Jason wearing green and white. In fact when Hopson and Shivers had their public fued in the media after Shivers had been fired it came up. Hopson accussed Shivers of having an opportunity to sign Jason and was very upset when Shivers didn't! It was an issue between them that probablly contributed to Shiver's demise as a Rider! I have always liked Clermont and considered him to be a top receiver in the CFL. Cetainlly the toughest!

  1. We don't know the size of Clermont's contract, so it's really not fair to say "a big contract".

  2. Look at what our receiving corps went through last year with injuries. That can impact a staff's decision to get as much depth as you can there. And, had we experienced something similar to that this season, you'd be applauding the genius of the organization for their foresight in bringing him in. It just so happens the football gods chose to strike down our o-linemen en masse this season.

  3. But the biggest reason to sign Clermont, in my mind, had nothing to do with this season, but next. Andy Fantuz is in his option year, meaning if he chooses, he can become a free agent on Feb. 15. He's in the prime of his career. He's an Ontario kid. He has stated NFL aspirations. While I am sure everyone from the Premier on down to the guy that cleans the toilets at my kids' school would like him signed, that's a long way from being a lock. To me, Clermont's signing, and his real value, are in the event Fantuz chooses to go elsewhere.

Point # 3 by Artie-Lange is exactly why JC is here.

I think Fantuz may actually end up and Argo before years end.

Nicolson and Fantuz were college rivals and were virtually tied in passes caught, yards gained as well as TDs. With him and Clermont waiting in the wings the Riders will not be under as much pressure to offer Andy a huge contract! That would seem to indicate that the Riders believe they won't be resigning him. With that in mind it isn't hard to imagine that a trade may be in the works! Still, I'd be sorry to see the big guy keave.

They Need to Re-Sign Fantuz. if they don't, I'll do whatever it takes to make sure they hear me extremely pissed off at them!

you don't let someone with that much talent slip away like that!

yet the Riders, those fricken idiots are prone to letting someone go!

Do you ever post in such a way as to indicate that you don't HAVE to resort to name calling, call people or organizations down, or make yourself out to look like a total doofus? Seriously...:roll:

You forget that a player has equal power in this. Suppose a free agent player says, you know, I'd like to play over on this other team next year. What's the team he's leaving supposed to do?

I predict Andy Fantuz will not be going anywhere in the near future.

But if he does . . .
The Riders will have re-signed him and then make a trade to get something good for him, like a 3rd string O-Lineman or "future considerations" that will not produce anything. :cowboy:

But seriously, Jason Clermont is being saved. I am confident he will step up when the time is right. That game against Calgary that we won by a squeak, Clermont's 21-yard catch on 2 and 20 is the reason he is here.

He will be used when the time is right.

Fantuz is still a Roughrider . . . calm down.

I'm an Andy Fantuz fan but maybe we should trade him while we can get sonething for him! The Riders have tried to talk to Andy about contract renewal but apparently he doesn't want to. He says he wants to wait until the off season which sounds a lot like free agency to me! Look, he is from Southern Ontario and I'm told that he has let it be known he would like to get back there. If we wait until he's a free agent we get nothing for him. Remember Mo and Anton? The Argos are in the greatest need for receivers so why not see if they will offer uo something good? If the Argos or the Cats were willing to put a good o-lineman on the table my ears would certainlly perk up! We're giving up a lot but a lineman could help us a lot right now! Why not call Adam Rita and Bob O'Billovich and see if we can get a little bidding war going?

Hmm, you may not say where you're from in your location block, but I think the subtle clues you've left have allowed me to Sherlock (Corey) Holmes my way to narrowing it down.

  1. Don't like the Rams
  2. Proclaim 'Go Huskies'
  3. Have a picture of the bales outside the A&W in Davidson (on the highway between your undisclosed location and Regina) in your profile.

Yes, it's elementary my dear Watson hehe.

How did you figure it out? haha.

And Artie, you are correct we do not know the size of his contract, but I would be willing to wager it is over 100,000.

I am just saying that Clermont's contract, Whatever it's size, may have been a factor on the size of contracts we offered Mo and Anton. And if that is true, I think we lost out on the deal. Personally I will take a young playmaker on Defence before an older beat up receiver.

You make a valid point about Fantuz and I really hope it does not come to that because Fantuz is one of the best I have seen wearing Green & White. I really hope Tillman is already working on signing him. Fantuz is someone we could use for the next 5-7 years. Clermont 1-3. If Fantuz is allowed to go to the open market I don't think we have a chance to sign him. One because he is an easterner and the majority of people like playing close to home, and two because Tillman is cheap, and he already has a backup plan in Clermont (ok so I combined two there, but they are related).
If Tillman allows Fantuz to leave (as in he gets out bid by other teams) using Clermont as a reason why we don't need him (like they did with our LB's saying that we had the depth to replace them), then that is another reason why we should NOT have signed Clermont.

I also want to say that I really want Clermont to prove me wrong. I want him to light it up, I just don't think he can be the big play guy that he once was.

When he signed, it was reported at 115,000. Which likely makes him our highest paid recever this year. A big flaw in the entire, "Clermont is insurance if Fantuz leaves" is two fold. One Fantuz isn't playing and we still aren't using Jason. I think for Jason's game, he needs to play most downs. He is a physical player and he needs to be involved. He can't just go out there on occasion and be effective. Play him the entire game for a few games. If he can't do it anymore, then we'll know.
But meanwhile, signing Jason likely cost us Mo. I said when it happened, "great signing if...." We could be playing Getzlaf at slot, and save 30-50 grand. We keep hearing it is about juggling the SMS and getting the most bang for the buck. We gained very little by adding Jason, but lost a lot by losing Mo. Some say leadership? I say Jason doesn't add as much leadership on O as we lost on D. But longer term, paying Jason this year, will impact signing players next year. Any left over cap room can be carried forward. So now we lost Mo but might also lose Andy. For what? ET's ego? PR?
So I don't see Jason as insurance against Andy leaving. I see him as detrimental to developing a guy like Getzlaf and keeping Andy.
And I am a huge Jason Clermont fan!!!

As for negotiations, not extending players mid season is the norm. Andy may also have hoped to have a career year (injury free) to back up negotiations. I know I was expecting him to light it up this year. But another factor is, being so tight to the cap the last two years left us less wiggle room than we might like. If we can have a relatively injury free year (knock on wood) we can afford to pay guys like Andy and Weston more next year. But if they want bonuses, we likely were not in a position to offer them this year.
So no surprise Andy isn't re-signed yet.

Interesting . . .

If we trade Fantuz it will be for a nobody that sits on the bench and sees no action until he gets cut . . . that's how trades work in this league.

[url=http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Roughriders+Jason+Clermont+prove+more+opportunities+deserved/1886569/story.html]http://www.leaderpost.com/sports/Roughr ... story.html[/url]

Here's a column from yesterday's paper that shows what a character guy Clermont is and what his outlook is on his current situation with the Riders.