Jason Clermont

Congratulations Jason on 400 Catches.

A workhorse for sure. Great job Jason.

Yea Jarious really needs to use him more. I realize QB's like certain guys, but Clermont will catch and bull through guys.

Jason has made some amazing catches. The guy is a machine.

That a boy JC!

YAC YAC YAC... amazing!

JC has been wide open lots of times when Jarious still threw it to GS or PJ even though they were covered. Maybe JJ doesn't see as well to his side, and maybe that's why he still is holding onto the ball too long & getting sacked.

With all due respect there were times JJ waited too long but His offensive line is allowing way to many defenders to get through the line! Taking a positive note here I think him running the ball in certain situations works well and gets more first down! When you have to multitask look all over the feild, read the defense, make your plays and keep from dropping the ball and getting sacked all within 5 seconds or less! well the better your line the more time you get=more opportunity to make the best choice for moving that ball.

After the way he ran through those Hamilton tacklers, I'm glad Wally made him an offer to stay here rather than let him slip away to Saskatchewan.

Had to bring it up, ay Sportsmen. I would rather seen him a riders uniform since he is from here. Would trade any of our recievers to have him back. Great player, Mr. Clutch.

Awesome thread. JC has earned the respect of the entire CFL and all it fans because of the way he plays and his heart and determination. Congrats to him (and Im buying his Jersey).

Yes, I have one of his jerseys - totally awesome!

Canadian Player of the Week.

Deservedly so.