Jason Clermont will sign with Riders before xmas!

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Jason , native son, Cleremont is finally coming home to the riders where he will get respect unlike the Lions who released maybe their toughest player!!!!!!!!!!!!
Welcome home Jason.
Saskatchewan Roughriders -- Grey Cup Champs 2009!! :rockin: :cowboy: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

turkeybend I like you want Jason Cleremont to sign with the riders as well but lets not get ahead of ourselves.If uncle Eric can pull it off and manages to JC before christmas it would be a great gift for all rider fans but I'n not going to hold my breath

Wally is either a genius on this move or a complete idiot. Clarmont has been banged up the last few years and he plays tough and runs guys over, but if he's going to get hurt again and miss 5-6 games he is not worth the money. However if the last few years were an anomoly then it was silly to let him go. He is a good guy off the field.

Didnt we hear this chant from the Rider faithful last time Clermont was up for a new contract? At least this time there is a chance. Im not sure how cutting a guy is disrespectful. It is a business after all and if not bringing someone back who has brought a lot to a team is disrespectful then you seem to have a short memory. I seem to recall a certain MOP QB that helped bring the Riders its first cup in umpteen years not being brought back. With Clermont, its partly a salary thing, partly an injury thing (I assume) and partly (as Wally claims) a different plan for the team he fields. The whole goal is to win games, the Lions have been one of the top teams in wins for a number of years now so they are obviously doing a lot of things right. Its a business and there are always very tough decisions to make. What I do know is that if Clermont can stay healthy, some team is going to get the toughest receiver in the league who can make a difference.

Difference was though that KJ wanted (and deserved) more being that he was a Grey Cup MOP, and the salary he could command was out the Rider's league and therefore was allowed to shop his services out. Clermont wanted to stay in BC at the salary he was at (under contract). Salary was not a dispute. So I submit that this is an apples and oranges argument. KJ was more than welcome to stay, he had that option. Clermont did not have that luxury and had stated many times his heart was in BC, despite being born in, having his home and his family in, and his business in Regina. He has more dedication and loyalty in his little finger for his team than most in this league, and yet Wally punted him, probably because he is a great player that has a large paycheque. Only in the CFL can being too good get you punted (thank SMS). I understand the business argument, but don't go saying we rode KJ out of here. That's total bullcrap. To say we didn't "bring" him back is crap, he just wanted and deserved more money, and easily got it. Can't blame him. Want to blame someone? Try blaming the SMS. Rider Nation wanted KJ to stay, and I tell you what, he's pretty revered around here these days, and one hell of a community guy. I was there at the game when he stepped on the field wearing T.O. colors and got the standing O from Rider nation. And I would not rule out seeing a return to Riderville for him too, considering his situation. And the fans would love it!

Hope Tillman signs Clermont. That would mean another year with no proven starter at QB

Yet another person who takes my comments, over reacts and adds a dash of extra for effect. Where did I say anyone rode KJ out of town? Talk about bullcrap. I said they didnt bring him back which is true. Its not my argument that anyone was disrespectful. My point is that all teams (and I used KJ as an example as it was Turkey who brought it up) cut or dont resign people. Sure the situations are different, but couldnt it be said (using turkeys disrespect logic) that not making room for the guy who took you to a Cup after a long dry spell is a bit disrespectful? Thanks for the cup, dont let the door hit ya! Both situations did have an element of money so that is one part of the reason that is apples to apples. Dont be so sensitive and assume any discussion about the riders is some sort of an attack lol.

OK, let me try this differently.

He WAS "brought" back.....he "did not" stay.

I hope this is simple enough.

Ah yes Clermont back in Prider Town. This sort of like Santa is coming to twon in Saskatchewan. :cowboy:

Random thought I had, does he even want to play in Sask? If he really wanted to he would have turned the lions down the last time but didn't. Then you look at the beer throwing incident this year does he want to play for them? Just a random thought not a slag or anything against Sask. Look at hockey some NHL players won't touch Montreal or Toronto with a 10 foot clown pole because of what playing in that city would be like with all the media pressure and fan attention. Could it be the same for Clermont?

You do have a point pred_dx but I must point out in an intreview I saw shortly after he was cut by B.C JC did say he was intrested in playing for the riders but thats no gaurentee he will end up here.

And in that same interview he stated that Q.B. was a consideration for whatever team he went to. Is there anywhere in the league with a more unstable Q.B. situation than Sask? Also, with the interest of other teams reported, I would think he is going to command a salary in the $200,000 range. (I'm sure Toronto or Edmonton are willing to go there). Is that really where the Riders need to spend their money??? With all the young Canadian talent that was unvailed last season at Receiver position, I would think Money could be spent wiser elsewhere. Not that I don't think he would be a valuable addition, It's just, Maybe not the perfect timing for this particular opportunity.

I have to agree with Tailback. Why spend that much money on one guy that frankly has been showing signs of cronic knee problems. The riders for the last few years know very well about receivers with wonky knees. The youngsters the riders have are going to only get better spend the money else where.

Imagine the media attention he'd get if he said there was no way in hell he was playing in Sask. Of course he's not going to say he's not interested it would be stupid to. If someone is willing to offer you a job you don't want to do you still listen because if the money is right you might do it anyways. Or you say the right thing to avoid the media backlash. He does not strike me when I met him as a guy who enjoys controversy.

Riders have a good list of proven QB's

Nealon Greane
Rockey Butler
Marcus Crandell,

Any one of those three could lead them to the promised land. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Yes, he has said there is definante advantages, but his heart was primarily with BC. They drafted him, his entire career was there. Remember Tillman passed on Clermont (when Tillman was with the Renegades). What does the beer thing have to do with anything? "They threw beer, I can't do well there". What media pressure? I have heard nothing but praise from the media about a typical game day in Riderville. The beer bowl was not a typical game and nothing more than a few dipsticks reacting to a few BC dipsticks.

The biggest problem in Riderville is the friggin SMS. We may lose Mo Lloyd because of the SMS and not because of any other reason. Mo is another one, great player, deserves a large payday, probably won't get what he wants because we simply can't afford it. Wouldn't blame him if he shopped himself out.

Don't dig too much deeper on Clermont, it's going to boil down to dollars and cents and nothing more, nothing less.

Wow sporty this is a mena streak I have never seen from you before. Even I would not be that mean.

Back to Clermont it really is the money. He needs to get something for his efforts he is not getting any younger and the question is how long will his knees hold out. He has to look after himself now. If I were a betting man I wouldl have to say he is going to end up in Toronto.

Actually in todays S'toon Star Phoenix it states that he has a firm offer from the Stamps. Tillman has the flue and is unable to negotiate quite yet. I'm thinking it will not be Sask. that he ends up with.

Calgary is a good fit. Good QB, Close enough to travel back and forth to handle his Real Estate deals, probably get a license for Alberta as well.

I don't see him ending up in TO. It's too far away and the organization is a mess. He'll play somewhere in the West. Better chances to win and closer to home.