Jason Clermont Steps up for Bagg! HAHAHAHA

[url=https://twitter.com/jasonclermont/status/504749727444119553]https://twitter.com/jasonclermont/statu ... 7444119553[/url]
As a former receiver, that fine on Rob Bagg is Embarassing. #CFL

Bagg should just make a twitter ID called NotRobBagg and go nuts, but claim it is not him lol

Any player who complains about the ref. this season is not far off, not saying all the ref's suck, but some favor certain teams, well others just make bad calls, like the Chick off-side penalty! Go Robbie!!

Yeah...but it wasn't even in a game he was playing in! he was watching the Als/Bombers game and made the comment about that call...that's what makes it so much more brutal on the CFL's behalf

"shut up and play...no interacting"

I almost fell over when I saw JCs comment and had to ask what it was all about.