Jason Boltus "assigned" to Orlando

Boltus is now with the AFL Orlando Preditors

Can an ex-Cat "haunt" the team in the AFL ?

Hey, don't jump the queue. I'm still waiting for the Quinton Porter haunting. :lol:

They must have signed him to hold for field-goal attempts. :roll: :stuck_out_tongue:

Don't hold your breath. ..

Does anyone happen to know what he's up to these days, anyway?

If your talking about Quinton, it looks like he is running a football skills program.


A three way battle with Adam Tafralis to be starting QB for the HTC All-Haunt team.

Boltus spent last season in the Arena league as well before Bellifuielle brought him onboard last season.
As bad as it may have been to have to bring boltus in he did spend 3 years in Hamilton with Bellifuille and 2012 in the UFL with him as well so most likley was there to help with Max Hall as a go between on the sidelines from Marcell in the Booth.

Other CFL QBS in the Arena league Ryan Perrillioux Calgary 2013.
Jarrett Brown from WVU a few stints in BC is close in Spokane.
Jordan Jefferson via release of Als PR was in PITT last season but was unsuccessful.

There are others bouncing around as well..

Still curious to see what Austins plans are with the current QB stock.

At least one and most likley two will not be in Hamilton when the season starts. Both Masoli and McGee can do What Lefevour did last season as well as projected starter Collaros.
Lefevour could have some value in a trade so I would not be shocked to see him be the first to go.

4 way...Timmy Chang

Brohm dealt to Winnipeg