Jason Armstead

hey guys, found a link to a story about jason armstead in the winnipeg sun.

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/football/2010/04/14/13589516.html]http://www.winnipegsun.com/sports/footb ... 89516.html[/url]

scroll down to near the bottom there.

just wondering what everyones thoughts are about this...

he did the same thing last year and the bombers let em go.

do the rider send em packing?

Wow,I don't think there's any choice but to part ways.

Pretty hard to respect such a self destructive individual....

It's a Shame really.

I'm not sure if they had plans to keep him around with the signing of Dorsey, but you I'd think that's all the more reason to release him. Might be difficult for him to get into the country as well.

Well, I knew it was too good to be true.....Jason will be done like dinner.....and you're right, forget him getting into the country considering his other legal complications, so Jason is pretty much going to have to hang up the cleats at this point. At least professionaly. When he's convicted of course.

That's probably the end of the line for Jason with the Riders. And so much for the "what do we need Dorsey for" questions.

Oh, and I just noticed this - Jason was arrested Feb. 13....mere days before Taman pulled the trigger and signed Dorsey.

Wonder if he knew then what we know now?

According to CFL daily on Twitter, Jason Armstead has been released.

Leaderpost confirms Armstead is no longer with the team and hasn’t been for some time.

This wicked sucks. It’s a shame that he got himself in so much trouble… But all of that aside, I really loved his performance. He was an outstanding athlete. I’ll miss him.

happened last year too and whats that old saying.. fool me once, shame on me, fool me to twice.. shame on you.

armstead has noone to blame but himself. its unfortunate but he's had his chances and keeps making the same mistakes over and over and over. the ude might have been talented but at the same time, he is an athlete in the public eye, if he doesnt realize that he is a role model to some people, well good on the riders for releasing him :slight_smile:

Here's a guy who just trashed what was left of his professional career, because he's got some anger issues. I guess technically he can now say he was released and it wasn't because of the charges, and that's that, but with the signing of Dorsey days after the incident, that puts a grey mark on that question. I hate seeing guys go out like this, especially when they still have wheels under them. It's nice when you go out just because you're too old, did your years and put the cleats up on the shelf behind your basement bar.

Very good on Rider brass to treat this incident with much decorum.

Miller says they told Armstead that they were going to release him before they were even aware of the "incident".The reason they didn't make it public is because they were trying to get him a job with one of the other clubs.

The guy's total scum, but if we can't get anyone else before TC I guess it'd be alright if the Cat's signed him to 1 yr. deal.We can't keep taking these weak 10 yard return's, the KR game is a huge part of winning in the CFL and we don't have one right now.Apparently Jerome Dennis can do it, all though he never has in the CFL, and McDaniel's tried with minimal success.Cobb was known for his KR in the State's but they don't want to exhaust him.The neg. list guy you sent us hasn't signed yet, and there's little to no film on the guy.When FA started I hoped that we'd either get Durie or Dorsey but we got neither.Oh well, Obie's probaly got something up his sleeve, he alway's does.

some people you just can't cure of their problems...

What a dork hahaha