Jason Armstead

There should be a huge clash of opinions on this signing.


I think its a good move, maybe not the best one, but good.

I like it.
This weasely little fellow is capable of making something out of nothing, as in poor blocking schemes.

Besides Dressler takes too many hits when out there, if Armsteads signing keeps Dressler off the return game, it's a win, win.

It's a good move, I think, depending on how much gas is left in this particular tank. . .

Other than Taylor in Montreal and Jackson in Edmonton, we don't really have a bumper crop of great returners in the CFL this year. . . certainly, Hamilton, Toronto, WInnipeg, and Saskatchewan have suffered in terms of field position due to a poor return game.

Hope this addresses it in Saskatchewan and adds a little more excitement. . .

I like it. Dressler is too valuable. Getting hit over and over on punts isn't what we want for maybe our best player.

I was rooting for Karsten Bailey to come back. NOT!!!

Maybe Armstead can make our return game average. Going from awful to average is a step in the right direction.

Remember when he came here with Montreal? He dropped a return, made bad decisions on when and when not to catch, and ultimately was canned after the game and sent home from Regina.

it's a bad move..

he's washed up, couldn't make it with two other teams..

the guy should never have been resigned!

Armstead may have been a good signing . . . but . . .
. . . If he doesn’t work out all we need to do is go downtown look around for a short, skinny guy with dreadlocks and sign him.

I have come to the conclusion that this is all that is needed to be a great returner. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Drezz in dreds.....haha

Armstead is a cheap investment that has proven himself here and then again in the Peg.

If Armestead cannot live up to what Morris, Quinn or Walker have produced then cut him.....

At least the coaches are taking a pro active forward steps, unlike some of our punt returners.

I give guru ET big props for addressing a major weakness.

I don't like this one - he hasn't played a down of football since last July when he was cut by Montreal. Surely there are some young speedsters that are being cut from the NFL that would be worth signing. We do have one thing to thank Armstead for though and that is getting Chris Getzlaf.

Wrong. He went to Winnipeg after Montreal. He had 2 or 3 punt returns for touchdowns last year. 1 in the playoffs for sure and another long return in the same game against the Eskimos.

i like it. If he can move it anywhere past the 20-25 consistently, and Dressler is saved for the big plays, then it's a smart move. If Armstead gets hurt, it is less costly. Plus I believe Armstead still has the gas and the will.

Yes I missed the Winnipeg deal. Even so doesn't the reason Winnipeg let him go - basically because of a domestic violence incident - have anyone a little bit worried? Has this charge been resolved?

I'm not a fan of recycled players...it's too bad our bye week didn't come a week later, as most of the NFL cuts won't happen until this Saturday.

Having said that, short of purposefully running backwards, he can't do worse than what we have had to date, and doing something is better than nothing. And, I guess the other upshot is he's probably not totally unfamiliar with our offence, him having been here for half of '07, so we could run him ona handful of go routes each game to keep defences honest. Whatever his flaws, he is a burner.....

so basically what you're telling me is that the Riders searched everywhere and all they could find was Armstead?

are you Kidding me??

I guess so. Given that SSK, Winnipeg Toronto and Hamilton all have horrible return stats this year, it appears that there aren't a glut of returners on the market at present.

And, given that Logan and Dorsey appear to have made NFL rosters as returners, that league is facing similar shortages.

Add to all of that the fact that the NFL cutdown day is next Saturday, and there's probably not alot out there at the moment. NFL teams will keep their bubble players and extra bodies, as they generally don't play starters in the 4th preseason game. By next week at this time, there will be more options available, and CFL practice rosters will expand, allowing the audition of younger players.

As one of the writers wrote "It would take an NFL cut a few weeks to acclimatize to the CFL... and Armstead is available". Don't be surprized if one or two NFL KR cuts make their way to Regina in the next few weeks if Armstead doesn't pan out.

This is a Joke right. What happened to our NFL players on our Negotiation list.

Use Charles!

Still in training camp.

The NFL cuts are next week. Did you want them to do nothing before they played the Bombers? If they did nothing you would complain about that. THe Riders are 1 game out of 1st place. And if they sweep Winnipeg they may be tied for 1st again. That’s not bad with for a team with a lot of injuries. The defending Grey Cup champs have a lot of injuries. Like the Riders they are 4 and 4. What new players have they brought in from the NFL?