Jason Armstead

he killed us all night long. sure wish we had a returner like this.

How many teams has he played on this year.

2000 all purpose yards at this point in the season aint bad.

ya, the guy was rippin it tonight and considering he hasnt even played a full season to be second in the league in all purpose yards is pretty impressive.

armstead punt return avg 15, kick return avg 33.
jojo punt return avg 7, kick return avg 18.
field position all night with those returns.

Jason who? hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Like Corey Holmes, he couldn't do anything here. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Armstead isn't dancing with the ball anymore. He picks his lane and goes for it. Gee, probably coaching had a part to do with it.

At the end of the game, setta wasn't even kicking off to him anymore.

You should not need to be coached on how to return when you are 29 years old and been returning kicks your whole career.
I do not buy that answer.

I wasn't aware that he had that many yards this year. Quite impressive considering he hasn't played the whole year.

He wasn't "the answer" but he could've helped us this year. This is another guy that people applauded as he was shipped out because we had a whole camp of young guys who could supposedly take his place. The only new receivers that actually made the roster out of the 13 or so that came in were Mitchell and Rodriguez, so there was room for Armstead. He certainly would've been better than Cohen.