Jason Armstead....

Please go away!! I will be the first to admit that when we signed him I was very happy. Now after 3 1/2 games I gotta say this guy is garbage! We Are not getting any Special Teams yards from this guy! It looks like he isnt even trying, he's always running the same way right in the middle and getting mugged. Why not try and go some other way. People can disagree but in my honest opinion this guy is a real waste of cap space at the moment! If we are going to keep him at least put him in at SB or WR. If we only wanted a kick returner we could of kept Bashir Levingston who could of did the same job even better!!!!

he gets swarmed the second he touches the ball…not very good blocking.

and he is a better receiver than a returner.


Donkey List

Rashaun Kizer
Jason Armstead
Anthony Calvillo Chokes again!

Scott Squires Fire his a.... his special teams have been brutal, how can Kizer not know the rules after six weeks with the team?

And they better find a way to stop the run. Run defense is horrid.

I'm disgusted. Can't believe I missed UFC for this clown show.

Larry Taylor better be in that lineup next week.

And can you get a coach on special teams who knows the rules...Squires and Armstead OUT!

Squires was our Special Teams coach last season... 'nuff said.

I have to admit I was screaming that he's pure shit tonight as well....

I know and I hated the hire. The guys is a retard! How can you be in the league for 3 years and not explain the rules to your ST rookies!

Why in the world didnt the als have anyone deep that play...there was 2 minutes left in the game....special teams coach has to answer to this one...

Special teams have been poor since the begining of the year and Trestman better learn real fast that this is the one most important part of the CFL game. That’s how Matthews became the winningest coach in the league.

They need to fire Squires now! Bring in Paopao to coach special teams…

Not only is there not a returner. Armpit takes a Knee at the ten yard line!

How about Kizer hiting the punter behind the line of scrimmage, hell just hit the ref !


I posted it here last week “FIRE the special teams coach”. Squires has to go, there is no excuse for the awful special teams. Absolutely horrible!

The special teams lost the game tonight.

Gonna go watch what's left of Affliction fight card and see people get hit in the face...Damn!

...got to admit the knee by Armstead looked awful strange for this league...maybe he thought he was in the nfl...or in the end-zone...in either case his head sure wasn't in the game....glad we passed on him... :lol:

Squires needs to go. Now. Our special teams are brutal and that strange decision to have nobody back arguably cost us the game.

What ever happened to irza landry ?

The little guy tore up his knees

If Jason Armstead is part of the 42 dressed players for next game, we will need a “national inquiry”; farces à part, he should be released or “placed” on the practice roster.

Larry Taylor is better than him and he makes/will make no more than $40,000 compared to between $90,000 and $93,000 for Armstead.

We will not win many games with the current roster,particularly on defence. We can’t compete with “bigger” teams such as BC,Calgary, SSK and so on. A MLB at 200 pounds or so will not stop the Joe Smith, Jeffrey Reynolds, Wes Cates, Jesse Lumsden. An OLB at 185 -Hill- is unacceptable. By the way, Hill had a bad game last night as Pascal Masson. Hunt had a few INT, but SSK ran/pass in the middle. He’s no MLB.

I also don’t understand why we keep playing with 21 imports rather than the 22 allowed; dress IMoh and “scratch” Hucklack.

Why 4 QB on 46 active roster? Waive Banks; no team will be/is interested.


I happen to agree with all of that.

Armstead has got to go; that brain cramp of taking a knee on the 10 yard is just inexcusable.

None of Hill, Ferri, Hunt, or Taylor have the size, and hence the run-stopping ability at MLB. Maybe a 3/4 is the way to go......

Hill was leading the CFL in tackles, but I agree he was not 'on' last night.

If Banks were to be waived, I agree no one would pick him up; he's accomplished little in his previous stints in Ottawa and Winnipeg; I'm happy with Brady and McPherson.

Nice post Richard...

You can't win or control a game in the CFL if your special teams aren't effective. Right now the Als special teams are the worst in the league...so if they choose to stick with Squires they will get blown out in the playoff even if they win the other two phases of the game, what bothers me is that the other 3 Eastern teams are so messed up right now that the Als may be tempted to ride Squires and "work with him".

MLB is a problem, if they are going to go with 3 tweeners at least have a bigger body to rotate in there. Let's hope Popp focuses on MLB while he's in the US. His track record recuiting MLB's is terrible but who knows.

Desjardins looks terrible this year. I was defending him early but after four weeks, he looks out of shape, lost and confused, something isn't right there...

Anyway hope they make coaching changes on ST. That aspect of the game can be fixed in a monht's time with proper leadership and importance given to it during practice.

I think I’m the only fan here the recognizes that :?