jason armstead

He's better than Ralph...nuf said

LOL you guys kill me! I didn't get a chance to see the game last night but I did catch the highlights and saw Jason run it out of the end zone. As soon as I saw that I knew the first thread on the forum would be about Jason. So predictable! Get a life!

Even Earl the Pearl made mistakes

Earl the Pearl would never make the bonehead moves that Armstead has made. This guy is suppose to be a kick return specialist with 4 years experience. It doesn't show.

First for a 5 year vet to not give up a single is just selfish. Second all these games I have been burning on DVD this season will make a great collection in how not to lose a game! We all year have been making the wierdest mistakes and some just dumb mistakes I have ever saw!

How in the world do you not put Curry back there for kick and punt returns after what he showed, earning Outstanding Special Teams player of the week!!!
It's just beyond me.

infrtd, you are wrong, i posted the initial post on this thread at half-time, long before Armstead's play cost us the game, the check the time yourself,after being thorougly annoyed with the continuing lack lustre performances by Armstead who clearly does not wish to be in Hamilton and is doing his best to show it. Fortunately, he may get his wish as I believe he is a free agent after this year so apply his money on Geroy,

As to the post about coaches, though I believe are coaching staff is the joke of the league, I have seen occasions at Ivor Wynne when the coaches have waived Armstead to back up on a punt, and he refused to listen and actually moved up, and ended seeing the ball sail over his head, leaving the coaches shaking their heads in exasperation.

And yeah, this type of selfish play was very Yeast-like.

I agree it was Bone head Play
But we are All Human..
So He had Brain Fart
We have All Been there.

He still a Huge Weapon we used Right.


We have zero blocking on kick returns. Not even Jesus could advance the ball when it's kicked to us with the brutal blocking we have.

That said, Curry has done zero as a receiver all year, but demonstrated great skill as a kick returner. In fact, he seems to be more talented at that position than Armstead. So make Curry return kicks again, please, Taafe! And just let Armstead be a receiver, where he plays pretty well.

With Curry switched to KR, next year, we can sign an effective "superstar" free agent receiver (hopefully Geroy) to take over at slot. Curry just isn't giving us enough production at that spot right now.

Remove Armstead from KR, but he is still
a good receiver.

If only there was a way to get through to Taaffe...
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Curry should be the Kick and/or Punt returner. If Taaffe can't figure that one out, he shouldn't be coaching.

Marcel Desjardins should be banned from considering anymore trades with the red-headed hedgehog in Saskatchewan (can someone explain to me why Tillman is not our GM??). The Rough Riders have fleeced us on both trades in 2007.

Much like the Eskimos a few years ago, if Saskatchewan wins the Grey Cup this year, they can thank the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for their generosity in giving away our talent with little in return . . . and for the record I felt that way even after the Jason Maas deal was announced.

Armstead announced that he was "the Difference" when he arrived in Hamilton. Well congratulations Jason, you were certainly the difference on Saturday night in Winnipeg - you were pathetic.

Don't forget that Armstead made a 40+ yard catch on the last drive of the game. Why aren't we getting better blocking on punt returns? Don't blame him for losing the game! what about SEtta missing a FG with the wind. This is a team game.

Yes. And keep in the QB carousel that he's witnessed since he's been here.

Inexperienced Chang thrown to the wolves.

Unprepared Casey Printers.

Williams' first ever CFL start.

Armstead will be fine once things settle down here, and I can't help thinking aobut the possibility of Geroy Simon signing here in the off season. One of those guys will be getting single coverage with Printers at QB.

I can dream, can't I?


If Saskatchewan win the Grey Cup it's because they had:

a) Kerry Joseph instead of Jason Maas.

b) Kent Austin as HC who's OC abilities were apparent in Toronto. Our assistants have little or no CFL experience.

c) Depth at the receiver position. Sask. has had Dominguez, Flick and Armstead. All CFL veterans. Sure we had Flick, but now it's a saw off with the acquisition of Armstead. Hamilton's generosity did not give them Dominguez and Armstead to start the season.

Sure hamilton has provided good players for them but I think the main reasons for Sask.'s success are Austin, Joseph and Dominguez.

He made a bad decision. Williams also made a bad decision. Armstead should have taken the knee (although to an extent I understand what he may have been thinking) and Richie should have taken the sack. I was definately frustrated and found that to be the most painful loss I've witnessed in years, but it's over and now we move on. I like Armstead and think he's a good receiver. I'm not overly impressed by his returns, but that is not entirely his fault.

Things happen and sometimes they don't go your way. He's not going anywhere, nor should he.

If he returns a punt or kickoff for a TD next week he'll be the toast of the town. It wasn't the worst thing to do. If Richie doesn't throw an INT we punt. Even if Winnipeg scores a TD on the next drive they still need to go for two to tie the game. Relax!


I will not hold my breath waiting for that . . . !!
If he can't return a punt more than 10 yards when Winnipeg was out-punting their coverage on every punt in the 2nd & 4th Q's (with the wind) then he is not getting the job done - period. It is very difficult to cover a 65 yard punt in any league, never mind on our wide field. And why was he continually lined up so shallow ?? Someone referred to him as a smart player - I would forgive him if it only happened once, but it happened 4 or 5 times at least. Sorry - but not very smart.