jason armstead

can't run back punts
can't run back kickoffs
dose nothing as a receiver


fleeced on that deal

(at least we should let Curry do the returns, he is the only Cat this year to have any success in that area)

How is it that all these players who do so well all around the league completely forget how to think as soon as they come to Hamilton?

Whooo....what can I say. Armstead may have lost that game for you. Very bad decision not to give up the one point for field position. I was cheering so hard for you guys. On a positive, I thought your defence played really well, and hopefully they will continue to do so. Also, Williams didn't do too bad under the pressure. Oh, and thanks for giving us Corey Holmes back (two touchdowns today).

he was having a great game, maybe the confidence went to his head, thinkin he could make something outta nothing.

IMO, Armstead had maybe 1 or 2 good returns, and ultimately lost the game for us. Sure Williams threw the int, but we wouldn't have been in that situation if armstead would've taken a knee. After that it seemed like everything was going wrong.

Sure he made a bonehead play and then he almost got us in position to win.

At what point are coaches going to be hold accountable?

Just like Jo Jo's bonehead play two weeks ago, why wouldn't someone expressly instruct the returner to take a knee if the punt goes into the endzone?

Especially given the field conditions.

And what kind of play calling was that on the last drive? Running on first down with under 2 minutes to go is stupid. This is the most unimaginative offense I have ever seen. Fire the OC ASAP.

Mistake #1: Armstead running out of endzone.
Mistake #2: Williams throwing out from endzone.
Mistake #3: Ref overruling linesman call. There was no angle on review that showed any evidence of a complete pass. The ref should have gone that, not the other way around. That's a bad call.

Bottom line: they played great (even Armstead), but fell short. Keep the nucleus of this team. They are coming together!!

Whoa whoa whoa. Running the ball out of the endzone was not the worst thing in the world. It kept us ahead by 8 instead of by 7. That means Winnipeg would have needed two big plays to tie instead of just scoring a basic touchdown.

And why do you want to cut this guy? Who else do we have? Who else can we get? You'd be foolish to cut him.

He's a speed guy and a deep threat. Unfortunately our offence doesn't believe in throwing the ball deep (except in dire situations like the end of the game, where he caught the long bomb). So his skills are largely wasted by poor gameplanning by the OC.

Dumb play by a smart player...and a good one.

He stays. Next year he'll be a star. Imagine...him and Geroy.

pc45, you're right. When he ran it out, I thought,"Good, keep the lead a two possession game." Who would have known that in the same possession, the game winning points would be scored...but they were. I like Armstead, and he is only,what, 24,25? Lots of time to become even better.

Another play I can't understand Armstead making is with 19 seconds left in the game, he receives the punt and instead of running out of bounds to leave some time for a couple of long throws, he runs around like a chicken with its head cut off. He waisted about 8 seconds and he ended up losing yards. Of course of which during this time the Cats get flagged for another holding penalty. If you watch Armstead all night receiving kicks, he catches the ball then starts a little juke move with no around and then starts dancing around. Reminds me of Walker. Catch the ball, pick your seem and run up field!! Armstead is a good receiver, but but Curry back in for punts.

I didn't like the punt return at the very end either. We went for the block and missed, so Armstead clearly has no blockers and there's precious few seconds. That one he should have tried to get the play over asap.

Can't believe that no-one has raised the name Craig Yeast yet tonight :roll: :roll:

He's 28

LMAO, I completely agree.

Jason Stutterstead.

Another excellent trade. Holmes out because the Cats can't find a place for him, Armstead in. This guy has done nothing since he arrived. He often positions himself too short and watches the ball go over his head. He bobbles balls more than anyone. I haven't seen him run one more than 25 yards max. His mistake tonight led to a TD for Winnipeg. And why he didn't run out of bounds with 14 seconds left is beyond me. Give him back to the green riders!!!!

He hasnt impressed me since his arrival, mainly because he has looked lackadaisical but something tells me that the mistake from last night is going to light a fire under his butt and we'll see major improvements in his game the rest of the way.
What I dont understand is why our returners keep getting the ball hit over their head. It was windy last night, give the kicker the benefit of the doubt and back up. Its easier to come in on a ball and take it on the run than to back up. Our special teams coach is just as much to blame for the loss as Jason is, because its his job to position the returner. Its not like it was the first kick of the night and we got caught by surprise, both kickers were getting huge yardage all night when going with the wind.

I don't know, I disagree completely with a lot of people in this thread. :slight_smile:

I think he's finally given us a target our quarterback's can reliably throw to. I can't really remember him blowing a route or missing a ball that's right on the money.

I was dissapointed he took it out of the endzone too, but who knows, maybe the coaches told him to do that thinking our offence was hot enough to move the ball out and gain field position back anyways?

Armstead has done excellent as a reciever in my opinion, and as a returner he's done as good as Corey Holmes if not better.

Things to forget about.This is why we are the laugh of the league!

lol I couldnt wait to see what was going to be said about this..