Jason Armstead.....

Anyone else notice that they hardly ever use this guy any more. Last year he was a dangerous weapon for us, but this year he has been a non issue, just wondering if anyone has any insight or if it is just a situation where Kerry feels more comfortable with the other guys.

He's improved his return game this year that ive noticed, but I think his lack of production is just because of the addition of Flick, and the improved production of Dominguez.

As long as we're winning it doesn't really matter to me who gets the ball.

If I recall, aside from those little end-around plays, he didn't see the ball a whole lot last year. I'd have to look, but his production might actually be up....

I would definitely love to see more of Jason Armstead in our offence.

Last year it seemed after week 6 he disappeared. My opinion is that Defences figured out how to contain him and rather than give him new routes or move him around, Danny Barret used him as a decoy. I recall Barrett in an interview with the paper last year selling that idea. Just my opinion, take it for what you will.

This year, Jason's special teams have improved. On offence we don't see him as much. But it seems passes are usually a bit off when they come in his direction. I don't know if that's KJ's fault or his or the coaches.

But I do know that I love what Jason Armstead brings to this team. He's made some lovely diving catches this year. Austin is spreading the ball to everyone. So it just may seem Jason isn't around much. I think Jason's play is great and I think the best is yet to come this season.

Two words.....

Regardless of whether he gets the ball offensively or not doesnt matter or not as much anyways, because he brings a certain element to the game that not many do. He is so elusive that he really doesnt have to get the ball all the time because he spreads the field with his speeed.

And he is a great kick returner, so thats also a plus! lol

Its alot to ask him to play well on special teams then to contribute lots on offence.. Its gotta be one or the other.. I would much rather see him focus on his return game..

When you have depth at the receiving group like we do, those players have to fight to get open. If he is open the QB will throw it to him. If he is covered the QB will not.

Why exactly his name hasn't been heard as much could be a number of reasons but I am sure he is just another good receiver in a good receiving corp.

Well he is our third leading receiver based on yards and has one receiving TD and one return.

He is also our #1 for all purpose yards (5th overall in the league).

So it seems he is doing fine.

I think one reason he was perhaps more noticable last year was that play with a number of variations where he ran across field right behind the line just before the ball was snapped. It made him very visible and was used tons of times.

As well, we didnt have the tremendous group of receivers we had.

Agreed. And really I think 3rd on our recieving core is where he fits in. Dominguez is... well Dominguez. Flick has prooven dependable in the clutch, he also has decent size.

I see DJ Flick more of a slotback myself.

Decoy, somebody has to do it.

I call 2 TDs for Jason in the Labour Day game.

Jeebus that card is huge.

Flick has prooven dependable in the clutch, he also has decent size
We are talking about DJ Flick? Five foot nine, 175 pound DJ?

Anyway, on topic, Armstead is having a better season than last year and will likely have a few break-out games over the course of the season.
But it is tough being the main guy on kicks/punts and getting the job done as a receiver.