Jason Armstead released

I think you'll like him more now that he's on our side :thup:

Reading the Gazette this morning, it would appear that Thompkins is on his way out. He has not been impressive at all during the first days of camp (according to Herb anyway). I think he'll be cut now that Armstead is here.

If the line can give AC a little more time this year, they could have a formidable air attack.

I hope they keep Tompkins for a pre-season game. I'm sure he'd impress then. I do believ he's one of the most dangerous returners in the CFL today.

I also heard he wasn't even been tried at the return job, if that's true, that's very unfortunate.

On a side note...I am tempted to change the title of this thread to
"Jason Armstead signed" Twice today I read the title and said "What! They only signed him yesterday! :lol:

Tompkins released...im sure it will come bite us in the @ss just like Ian Smart with BC!

Possibly, but I doubt it. Trestman, by all accounts, is a very good judge of football talent, and if Tompkins wasn't having a good camp, then he deserved to be cut.

I agree with discipline on this one. Being a returner only, he would have really had to distance himself. Armstead's versatility gives him a huge advantage here.

Armstead is also a viable option for any reverse play that Trestman and Milanovitch want to run. He's got the speed to be very effective in open space.

Ashlan Davis wasn't good enough to crack this roster. I wasn't too impressed with him last season, but wish him the best.

From the looks of it, this new guy Taylor is impressing a lot of people. Can't wait to see what he can do on the game field.