Jason Armstead released

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So what do you guys think, is Popp interested? Or better yet would he fit in with the salary cap/ratio etc?

That's not what we need; we already have Bratton,Davis, Levingston and Tompkins.

We need defensive players, particularly D.T.'s ,D.E.'s and M.L.B.

If Mr.Popp has not addressed this situation, we will have the worst record in 2008. To me, at least 10 and as much as 15 new players have been signed but, for unknown reasons, Mr.Popp is keeping this information to himself. Courage, only 5 days before rookies report; we will then be informed.

I think Montreal worries about the Defense every off-season. Our weak point last year was offense, particularly the Offensive Line. I don't understand why they haven't done much there.

There isn't much you can do. Montreal plays NI on the Oline and the only way to get one of these guys is to draft him. The only two good Olinesmen to change team in the off season were Garrick Jones and Fred Perry and both are imports.

This is where losing their first rounder hurt the most as they could have drafted an Olinesman that is almost CFL ready but had to settle for a Junior (Woodruff) and two projects in Rogers and Jourdain.

It's also very possible Trestman wants to evaluate the offense in camp. Camp will be very interesting this year. Hopefuly it is covered properly.

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Looks like Armstead is indeed interested in joining the organization

Kind of late now. Als are stacked at receiver position. Really there is no room for him.

Bratton and Davis did not show much last season. Armstead could be an improvement here depending on the salary he is asking for- we migt not be able to afford bhim.

According to Marcel Desjardins, Armstead called him looking for a team, and the Als have made an 80K offer to him.

Seems to me with the talent we have and the new talent brought in, Armstead would be in tough to make the team.

True, but what do we have to lose by bringing him in? Assuming there is no signing bonus involved, they can just release him if he can't cut it.

I would probably take him over Thompkins (not sure what the latter is making though...salary difference could be an issue). Versatility is a real plus in this league.

With the release of Warrick, I'd try and snatch him. It seems like he wants to play in Montreal.

But Als have also added Jamal Richardson who's a much bigger and tougher target, Stala is healthy. Firr is showing some nice things.

Jason Armstead signed with the Montreal Alouettes

And I'll stand by what I said earlier.........I think he's in tough to emerge from training camp with a roster spot.

I'll go out on a limb here and say he will have a roster spot by season's start.

I'm with you on that.

I like Armstead. He's always a threat when he has his hands on the ball. Very quick feet. I'd take Armstead over Bratton and Davis anyday.

Nice to see a little competition at receiver...finally! :thup:

I like this signing. I've always liked Armstead's speed, and it is nice to have a legit return man pushing the other receivers in training camp.

Totally with you on that.

When I think of CFL's best receivers, Armstead comes to mind within the top 10, IMO. I really like our receivers this year, Cahoon, Watkins, Armstead, Thurmon, Richardson... How can Calvillo not repeat his success of past seasons with these guys? Most of all, who are the opposing teams gonna double cover and leave alone?

People think he won't make the team cause it's so late. I disagree. I think Armstead's versatility guarantees him a spot on the roster. Popp went after Jason last season, offered him a fat contract, I think he'd hate to see him get cut.

If the O-Line can hold, I think our Offense will be one of the top in the league, again.

Well you guys are higher on Armstead than I am, he never particularly impressed me.........but I sincerely hope that I am wrong and that you are all right!

But agreed, the key in terms of our offence will be the offensive line; without a line vastly improved from last year's performance, we're not going very far.