Jason Armstead Now #88

Armstead is now #88! Love this as you can probably tell from what follows my user name :stuck_out_tongue: but what makes it even more exciting is that he is an amazing player an our biggest threat when he has the ball in his hands.

So happy he decided to make his decision as easy as

1...2...88! LMAO :lol:

I've always had problems with the number 88 given it's usage by neo-Nazis, but I doubt that was a motivating factor in his choice.


The question I have is that I thought there was a CFL rule in place that prohibited players from changing their numbers during the season, other than when they are traded.

We were told here in Saskatchewan that Holmes could not wear #19 because James Johnson cannot change his number midseason.

Anyone have clarification on this?

Maybe it's a team rule to simplify marketing photography.

A player, if required, may change his number numerous times during a single game.

I like the #88, especially the player who wears it on the Riders. :slight_smile:

I think it was very nice of Jason to give up #1 to Casey. :thup: :thup:

I wonder how the negotiations went for that to happen. Maybe like this?

Jason: "Casey, would you like number one for $25,000?

Casey: "Jason, I don't even earn that much per year?

Jason: "Oh, come on Casey, I've read the Ti-Cat forum. They've spilled the beans and I believe everything I read there.

Casey: "How about I toss you couple of bombs for TD's every couple of games and we call it square?"

Charlie: "Jason! If you want to keep your job here, give him the da## number.

Jason: "Yes Sir!" "Will you buy me a steak Casey?'

Casey: "Thanks coach, One thing I love is a great agent.

I take it that none of you people really understand what the number symbolizes. It's bad juju in my opinion that he chose that number. It's worse than 13 in my books.

I understand what “88? means (8th letter of the alphabet = h, hh = heil hitler, which I only know because it was on an episode of Law & Order last year), but I seriously doubt Jason chose the number for that reason. He wore the number in Ottawa, that’s all.

Also, on a much lighter note, 13 doesn't seem to bother AC too much :slight_smile:

Edit: And I just found out from Wikipedia that 88 is considered the luckiest number of all in Chinese culture... So maybe it's good juju after all?

Exactly. Linking Jason with Nazis is outrageous and I call on the mods to delete this thread.

People it is a NUMBER! if you are seriously that simple to acttually think there is motive behind picking a number grow up!

Also this is a football team not a church gathering!

Oh, I thought it was because of the similarity of shape of H and 8, but what do I know? I just saw it used on youtube on occasion and didn't really care for it all that much.

What I stated was, I doubt that this came into consideration when he chose the number, whether or not he knew about this. I'm not saying that he chose the number specifically for that purpose, that would be absurd, of course!

I think that you should be deleted from this thread for displaying such a gross lack of reading comprehension and making such an absurd remark. Where do you get off stating that I was "linking" him with Nazis (actually, I stated it was neo-Nazis, the disgusting post-war "movement"; to my knowledge the Nazis didn't use this tag)? I simply wanted to point out that I don't like the number because of its current usage by racist bigots.

Dan Marino never had a problem with #13..

He never won a Super Bowl though :frowning:

Typical Forum Fans.... Turning a guy changing his number, to accomodate Printers... into a topic about what 88 stands for? GET A LIFE !!!

Really well said!

and I Quote...


I posted the thead to possibly highlight Armstead's class and that I'm happy with the number he chose. I never thought it would bring Neo-Nazis, Chinese luck, Dan Marino, Law And Order, and last but not least juju to the topic but i guess it takes all kinds. :roll: