Jason Armstead = goat of Wpg-Ham game?

Jason Armstead is quick, and a decent receiver, but his decision-making in the 4th quarter against Winnipeg may have cost the Ti-Cats the game (or at the very least, a chance at winning the game).

Of course, there was him trying to run the ball out of the endzone, with the Winnipeg special teams already at the Hamilton 20. If he absolutely HAD to run it out (still a questionable decision), it would have been a better choice to just move it out right away, before Winnipeg's 'Teams have had a chance to run under the punt. But he dawdled in the endzone and screwed over the Ti-Cats (led to 7 Winnipeg points on their next possession).

Then he takes Winnipeg's punt with 19 seconds to go. If he had just taken it straight out of bounds, the Ti-Cats offense would have had time to try two, maybe even three more plays. He started running to the sidelines, but then turned back towards the middle of the field and wasted a lot more time. It wasn't a situation where he HAD to return it for a TD.

There is the possibility he was told to run it out if the field goal was missed.

I agree about the final punt. He should have gone out of bounds or taken a knee

well, that team has a lot of work to do before they can win over and over.

I don't think he would have had too much of the goat here.

horible decisions. If the Ti-Cats had any real depth, he'd be benched.

It was a punt and not a field goal attempt

Apart from that, though. Hamilton was holding their own and had an 8-point lead when he tried to run that punt back ... and even though they may not have done anything with another offensive play or two at the end, they at least would have had the chance. Especially with that returned punt, though. Maybe if Winnipeg had had to start with worse field position, they wouldn't have got that touchdown to make it 19-18?

I haven't actually seen the Armstead play, but I did see the pick the next play.
It is highly unlikely he had the green light to run the ball out of the endzone on a play like that.
A 7 point lead is 95% as good as an 8 point lead.
Field position is far more useful than the point....

Costly mistakes have been the nemesis of Hamilton all year.
Following that play up with a pick was just brutal.
Rookies make those kinds of mistakes, but the timing was most unfortunate.

Despite it all, the Cats played tough tonight.
And had a chance to win late---wide open receiver--sure TD. Darned rookie Qbs.
Not blaming Richie.
I think the guy is a keeper.
I'll trade you Marcus Crandel for him, even up right now....

Goat indeed. Moronic plays, something you expect to see at your high school football games when half the players have been sitting around the bong all day.
The decision to force a pass from your own endzone was also something I'd expect from the bowl blazing high schoolers as well.

...nice interception by Bolden though....which the ref. who was closest to the play ,was oblivious to....get that man some bloody glasses...everyone in the stadium could see it was picked...yet the guy nearest the play blows it...that's the kind of reffing that this league doesn't need.... :thdn: 8)

Regardless, thanks to replay, the correction was made. (Damn replay!) But of the four angles they showed, only one clearly showed that it was an interception, so the original call wasn't as bad as all that.

I was shocked when Armstead took that punt out of the end zone. When he started to run around I thought maybe he was just going to run some time off the clock; but then he stepped out! Give up the point, you're up by a touchdown, and even if Williams throws the pick on the next play, your defence has a chance of holding the Bombers to a field goal. That was definitely one of the "deciding plays" that Frers was talking about.

But despite the loss, I was impressed with the way the team played. It was far and away the most entertaining game of the week, with the outcome still in doubt until the final minute. Not a bad performance for a backup quarterback, in a hostile environment, in a strong wind. It's clear this team is a lot better than they used to be, and I still expect a couple more wins this season.