Jason Armstead cut

I guess we should have kept him.......

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=244012&lid=sublink03&lpos=headlines_main]http://www.tsn.ca/cfl/story/?id=244012& ... lines_main[/url]

Bring him to Hamilton!!

:lol:Well his two screwups in the 4th qtr last game on special teams didn't help for a CFL veteran- miscues won't be tolerated by a rookie head coach!

Maybe he should've taken the pay cut

I think you can find several Montreal posters that would drive him to the airport. :wink:

maybe he will call obie asking to sign that extention now?...lol

i don't think he was cut for lack of skill...montreal just didnt have room for another receiver. especially one who is not that great at returning kicks.

i don't think he was cut for lack of skill
8) That's exactly why he was cut !! The guy is a complete joke !!!

Agreed Tipper. Armstead has had numerous chances to show that he can start as a receiver and hasn't delivered. As a one dimensional special teams player he lost his "edge" sometime ago. CYA Mr. Armstead...

I think Jason suffered a migraine brain fart in that last game. :x

Isnt it interesting how good teams dont waste thier time with bad players! :wink:

Like not wasting time on Charlton Keith, for example?

Wait, didn't we just cut Keith?

We aren't a good team. Haven't been for 5 years.

Poor example.

This thread was before the keith action so keep up the bs.

I predict Armstead won't show up on anyone else's roster.

Did he not sign with Toronto?