Jason Armstead a Bomber

What part of "Bombers have him...he played well..they won!" don't you understand?

what part of my post did YOU not understand? i know the bombers won.

but my post was concerning what you had said before that.

read the BOLDED part

Well it does happen all the time...this is the CFL...players are traded and released!

"My Gaud"...all you have to do is look at all the threads on this forum alone to see the questioning of moves.

I'll be more specific...some times it's the team chemistry that dictates who goes where.

The long and short of it is that he is playing right now and seems to have fit in with the team. Perhaps you saw the segment where Milt Stegall was joking with him in the lockeroom.

My point in bringing up this thread was simply to point out that he was again signed to a team.

I feel he has talent and obviously, I'm not alone in that thought.