Jason Armstead a Bomber

check this out..

[url=http://www.globesports.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080811.wspt-bombers11/GSStory/GlobeSportsFootball/home]http://www.globesports.com/servlet/stor ... tball/home[/url]

He will be out to make amends!

lol armstead has fallen so far so fast.

The guy is dreadful at returning.


For the sake of the Ticats...I hope you are right!

He may be a handful on Thursday night.

Armstead didnt do a whole lot as an alouette. With the depth that the Als had at receiver, Jesse had to make the team as a kick returner.

He was so so at best so boom! history. Maybe he will get more touchs as a Bomber. Even so, the Cats are gonna stomp the Blue Bombers....undiciplined, poorly coached, and a team that has no heart.

Yikes! I'd like to believe you but the Bombers are a very desperate team with their backs firmly pressed against the wall. And despite their losses, their defense is still something of concern.

Couple that with the fact that some Bombers are coming back from injuries and I can't remember that last time (year?) that Hamilton won two games in a row.

This will be a tough game!

What's your point? So are we, if you haven't noticed yet we're still 2-5 and the Bombers still have the same core group that got them to the Grey Cup last year.

Armstead hasn't done anything in this league for years and really has done anything period.

To me, this is Taman saying to Winnipeg's starting receivers: "if you drop anything against the Ticats Thursday, you'll be replaced" (i.e. benched or cut).

Taman has had enough with his current starters underachieving.

If the Bombers get beaten by the Ticats, I wouldn't be surprised if Roberts is cut and replaced by Joe Smith (who BC is about to cut), and if Glenn is cut and replaced by Bishop, who I could see Taman trading for. The current Winnipeg offence will need a complete overhall if they go 1 and 7, and those moves would be a good start.

If the Bombers get beaten by the Ticats, I wouldn't be surprised if Roberts is cut and replaced by Joe Smith (who BC is about to cut), and if Glenn is cut and replaced by Bishop.
I would suggest not putting money on that.

Armstead was subpar this season as an Alouette. Quite frankly, I’m surprised they didn’t go for Levingston or Stokes, both of whom have been better kick returners in the past.

yea i would have gone for Levingston.

he was still a dangerous returner when he got cut from T.O.

Stokes joined the bombers late last season and was at Edmontons camp this season but was cut so i can see why the bombers didn't pick up stokes

You may be right on that…

Then again…you may be wrong!

He may be a handful on Thursday night.

He will be VERY MOTIVATED to shut up his detractors.

He can be dangerous…he has talent…that is why he is playing!


He's playing because he comes cheap (now) and readily available .

If the Bummers wanted someone who goes east , west and then down for 8 yards or scooting to the nearest sideline on returns they now have their man.

To his credit he's mugged a paycheque based soley on the 2005 season and nothing else.

I think he did well.


Thought he was an average and a non factor.

he didnt do anything special. I thought jojo was better

C'mon...gimme a break with that :wink:

If not for a penalty which was just a push on someone who wouldn't have caught him anyway, he would have had a game highlight.

Don't get me wrong...I'm not being an Armstead booster...I'm a CFL fan who likes to see gifted players do their thing.

Nobody wanted to see the Ticats win more than myself!

I did find it interesting that Chris Cuthburt used terms like "he can be a "handfull" and can be "dangerous"...lol.

You don't suppose that they read these forums do you?


It looks like Jason is being well received in Winnipeg by his team-mates and the fans.

Good for him...he has talent...I just can't understand people who bash players who no longer play for us.:roll:

You don't have to listen to fans say about him. You just have to look at what Marc Trestman did and said. If he though he was "gifted" or a "handfull" he would still be in MTL
or he would still be here
or he would still be in SSK

4 teams in five years "says" all you need to know.

I rest my case! :wink:

I'm the one who said "I like to see talent"

You are the one who said "if the Bombers want someone who goes east and west etc..."

The guy got traded and released by a couple of teams...happens all the time.

Bombers have him...he played well...they won! Nuff Said!

happens all the time? being traded…then released…then picked up…then released again…then being picked up all in less than a year does not “happen all the time” to players that are “gifted” or “dangerous” or a “handful”