Jarrod Johnson

Les Alouettes ont embauché le quart Jarrod Johnson, récemment libéré par les Bears.

Je crois qu'Alex Brink pourra bientôt se chercher du travail.

Heh. I just had the same thought in the other thread. :smiley:

Je me suis un peu mis une Kodiak dans la bouche. Johnson a été libéré au mois de juin.

... et c'est JErrod Johnson. Maudite boisson!

I found this on a Stamps fan site dated Aug. 4 while googling trying to find Herb`s report on Johnson having worked out for the Als in August.

"Montreal worked out 3 QBs today. Jerrod Johnson (Texas A&M) formerly of the Chicago Bears; Mason Mills (San Diego - and a student of Jeff Garcia's) and Chris Amrheim (Cornell - played under Kent Austin there).

Johnson will sign with the club next week and the jury is still out on Mason Mills but expect to hear more from him too."

I guess its honk if youre an Als QB, but they have to keep plugging away until they find the right guy.

I guess the above came from Herb on Aug. 4:

"Finally, four players underwent workouts following Monday’s practice, including former Texas A&M quarterback Jerrod Johnson. Montrealgazette.com was the first to report, Saturday night via Twitter, of Johnson’s pending arrival.

He was joined by two other pivots – Mason Mills and Chris Amrheim – along with wide-receiver James Rodgers."


Le signal qui est lancé présentement, c'est que le poste est ouvert. C'était à Smith de le garder ou pas, et il est clair maintenant qu'il ne l'a pas gardé.

C'est maintenant à Crompton de le perdre, et peut-être est-il en train de le perdre.

Mais un moment donné, il va falloir cesser de penser que si on amène un gars qui n'a jamais joué dans la LCF et qu'on le met sur le terrain à sa première ou sa 2ième année, il va casser la barraque et devenir instantanément un nouveau Calvillo au meilleur de sa carrière. Il n'y aura pas d'autre Calvillo avant un bout de temps. Il va falloir laisser aux candidats le temps qu'il faut pour faire la transition vers notre football, et vers la constance. Rares sont les quarts qui sont arrivés rodés dès le départ.

Je crois qu'on se montre patient avec Marsh, qui demeure un projet à moyen terme, à mon avis. On semble se montrer moins patients avec Smith et qu'en sera-t-il de Crompton? Les prochaines semaines nous le diront.

Darren Gill said this morning the Als have 17 QBs on their 35 man neg list, most teams having 5-6. Kind of understandable but it has to affect recruiting of other positions.

What affects recruiting even more is a last place team with no QB. :wink:

Neg list is really only for names that most teams know. Much of recruiting is finding the guys nobody knows about, or overlooks. Locking up "known" QBs is not a bad strategy. ut I seem to recall that Russel Wilson is on their list and that seems a wasted spot.

Question struck me though. Hypothetical example: if Tim Teabow (for example only) is on the Als neg list and he approached Poop about coming to Montreal but but for whatever reason (hypothetical example: "its just the CFL" attitude) Poop said go away, but kept him on the neg list, is there a means for the player to force the Als to drop him?

Maybe CFL free agents, but a last place team often signals job opportunities for rookies.

This is how it is supposed to work:

"Teams place players on their neg lists on a first come, first serve basis. It is estimated 75% of players do not know they are on a CFL team's neg list. The lists change frequently and additions/deletions are published by the league to the teams daily. Teams must follow rules to negotiate in good faith. Players can notify the league of the negotiation window and if a contract offer is not received within 10 days, the player is removed from the team's neg list. If a fair contract offer is received, but rejected, the player is removed from the list one year from the offer date."

It use to be that once the player or his agent notify the team that holds their right that they want to play in the CFL. The team has 30 days to come to a contract agreement but its murky. There is nothing written anywhere.

C'est Trestman qui a incité Johnson à venir à Montréal.

" L'an dernier, il faisait partie de l'équipe d'entraînement des Bears de Chicago, où il a évolué sous les ordres de l'ancien pilote des Moineaux, Marc Trestman. Celui-ci en a profité pour lui prodiguer quelques conseils avant sa venue dans la métropole.

«Il m'a seulement dit que c'était une ville superbe, d'avoir du plaisir et de faire confiance à la suite des choses. Tout le monde suit une route différente. Il m'a dit de venir ici, d'apprendre et de me joindre aux meilleurs joueurs pour être le meilleur joueur que je puisse être.» "


J'imagine qu'il n'a pas envoyé à son ami Popp quelqu'un en qui il n'avait aucune foi.

He’s a prospect brought in for evaluation. If they like him they will bring him back in the spring.

Exactly. He is a solid prospect has been on the pro football radar in North America. teams are constantly looking at QBs. Who would have thought that Crompton would be a fit. He looked dead in the water with EDM releasing him. EDM chose Pat White and everyone laughed but he fits a purpose and a plan their and no one is laughing at EDM now. Crompton got new life and took advantage.

A lot about being a QB in the CFL is want to. College football is big business and the big name QBs have options. Their name and Networking from their college careers gets them on CFL neg lists. As well opens the door for Broadcasting, as well as coaching within the College Football circles.
The boom of networks have given many options in the booth of studio. Being a CFL QB is now really starting to become a great option in itself for networking of work in football. CFL clubs are grabbing up and paying well now former QBs as coaches. Starting as a position coach and moving to nice careers as OC's and HC's. TSN keeps growing their will be more jobs with the network as well.

I have been very pleased by Jim Popps activity in recent weeks with some firming up of the coaching staff and has begun to airlift QBs into the Als fold. Popp is beginning to revert to his past form of bringing recruits, now especially QBs for examination. I believe we will have an active try out camp.

If you look around the league, The Als have been one of the most active teams this season bringing in players. The expanded NFL rosters has made it more difficult I think.

I agree, Niagara. I have been critical of Popp slacking off over the past few years, but recently, I like what I've seen. He's bringing in talent to compete at positions of need, he brought in Schonert, Garcia, and Matthews when the offence was in chaos, and it's starting to pay dividends. He found James Rogers too. Knapton looks like a playmaker and Venable is establishing himself as Hebert's successor. What's past is past. Popp may have fallen asleep at the wheel for the past few years, but his actions this year suggest a revitalization. He's got his contract extension and he's working hard.