Jarrett Payton?

Supposedly, Winnipeg is one of the teams interested in Payton, who wants to return to the CFL.

Payton, Montreal’s leading rusher in 2007, appears to have attracted the interest of at least two CFL teams, Winnipeg and Toronto. According to a source, the Blue Bombers are considering flying him in for a workout.
[url=http://www.calgaryherald.com/sports/Payton+return/1431971/story.html]http://www.calgaryherald.com/sports/Pay ... story.html[/url]

....Don't see the need really????????Argos are probably the better bet....With Smith and Ried in the backfield and some promising rooks....I think he'd be a tc. casualty.....I didn't care for his fumbilitis ,when he played for the Als....and he tended to get nicked a lot....

Whats with us sending all of this air-fare to potential players...Is this our new gimmick to attract talent....OR is to keep the airlines in business.... :roll: :roll: :lol:

It is a bit of a puzzler, papa. Sure, competition is a good thing, but you've pretty well got to believe that Smith and Reid are safe, toss in Stephenson and the rookies you've signed, you sort of have to wonder what is the point here. Now Toronto I can see, they do need a running game.

Could be a trade in the works, Bombers have said they want to move up in the draft, if payton pans out, smith could be moved. Salary could be a lot less, sounds like payton just wants to play ball.

hmm funny thing is we were interested in him last year after he was cut but he didn't want to play for us, Now he's desperate to play for us. At first glance i said "NO" but the whole moving up in the Draft is not a bad idea with Lee being available and to bolster up the canadian content with maybe OL or whatever it may be.