Jarrett Payton

Did I just see on TSN that the Als released Jarrett Payton? That was quick.


Yes, you did.


Edmonton should pick him up

we dont need him!

You have to wonder what that's all about. He seems to have the ability.

I agree with Psychic - WE DON'T NEED HIM - and yes, I know I was shouting.

I know we dont need him but could you imagine payton and Lumsden in the backfield together at the same time the opposing linebackers would run the other way, i think that could be somthing special but i do like tre back there as well.

Payton is injured!

Didn't we learn our lesson with Maas?

"If he's breathing, bring him in." Give it a rest already. The Cats do not need another RB. They have good depth there, both imports and Canadians, and they're performing very well. Why would you risk alienating guys who are doing their jobs well? Payton would not be an upgrade over what they have now so why bring him in?

An Argo-Cat fan

Ya Word was last week there looking to cut him

Ofcourse we don`t Payton!! Lumsden,Smith and Caulley. Enough said!!!

We have our team...enough said!!!! :cowboy: