Jarrett Payton leaves Argos

I heard on the Fan that he asked to be released. They did note that he was a healthy scratch for the last game.

It's sad to see him go, he doesn't need the money and he is a class guy all the way.
In fairness, he was not given a decent chance to play.

bring him to B.C. or Edmonton

Why Edmonton? We already have a running back we're not using.

Whitlock can teach him how to fumble the ball and drop swing passes.....

That'd be the most useful Fumbles McGee has been all season. :smiley:

Yes, the Edmonton Arkee-Whitlocks (he seems to be the season-long focal point of the Esks offence for some reason) should sign Payton today and see what he can do on Friday...especially with McCarty injured and their other RB quitting the PR. Not sure how many chances Arkee is going to get, but he seems like a minus in the cost/benefit column.

....with his leaving....Rod Black just lost most of his colour commentary.... :oops:

valid point. . . now if at Rogers Centre on Friday they've covered up the baseball dirt then he'd have nothing at all to say. . . and that is not necessarily a bad thing.

Looks like they suspended him instead of releasing him. I have mixed feelings about that. Maybe the'll release him after this weekend's game. They were not using him so if he wants out they should release him. I'm not big on player "punishment" when a guy's been clean about things.

Are you sure about that. As much as I'd like to slap a piece of duct tape over Rod Black's mouth, him not being able to comment on the game would mean we'd have to listen to Duane Forde's lisp for 3 solid hours. :lol:

Did you know Jarrett Payton is the son of legendary NFLer Walter Payton?

This moment brought to you by Rod Black.

"No doot aboot it."

This commentary brought to you by Duane Forde.

Who's the panzy on TSN that keeps using the word "hellacious" on every tackle. Is that Black?

Payton has had plenty of opportunities with both Montréal and Toronto. After he completely missed a direct snap — not just the ball but the entire play — it was pretty obvious that his head wasn't in the game and his days were numbered.

I would have loved to see him succeed, but sadly, he just doesn't seem to have it what it takes to excel in this league.

I had a beer with him earlier in the year in Winnipeg after they beat the Bombers. Was a real nice guy to talk to. Handled himself like a pro, and bothered to stick around and talk football with a fan for much longer than I thought he would have before joining the rest of his teammates.

Spoke very well of Canada, and the league. I hope he catches on somewhere.

Duane Forde is about as good as Black , but don’t call them Color Commentators.

He probably figured out that with Dorsey coming back he was wasting his time. Edmonton could sure use him.

What? Jarret Payton(the son of former NFL great Walter Payton) left? Rod Black is crying a river somewhere...lol

The real pros can handle anything. My guess is that Black will likely handle it such that whoever replaces him on the roster will be know as

" _________, who took the roster spot of Jaret Payton, son of the late, great, Walter Payton."