Jarred Marsh: Bring him to Hamilton

I know of a key prospect that the Cats need to consider.

He is young, full of ideas, potential talent and has the right alliances.

Watch for him at the Rookies Campand read about him here.

Excellent job by the guys at the forbidden website.
Something we've always lacked in Canada is more (and more extensive) programs for our younger generations.
Not to mention enough active participaction and interest by fans to make the programs a success.
Building interest at a young level is a huge investment in the future of the CFL.


Holy Crow!! Look what's in the newsroom!!

[url=http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=newser&func=display&nid=10786]http://www.ticats.ca/index.php?module=n ... &nid=10786[/url]

It's consilience!! Symbiotic mutualism even!! Kudos to the Ticat organization, it's really very big of them to do this, and frankly, quite touching.

Jarred Marsh is like the messiah of argos-$uck.com, leading the forbidden people out of exile and delivering them into the promised land of cautious toleration.

If the Forbidden Website guys see something in this kid, he has to be good. Can he kick? :wink:

Or coach?

Interesting development indeed.

A game of touche (not to be confused with what the McGill Stadium guy shouts out 4-5 times a game) :wink:

On behalf of the Board at the (former?) Forbidden Website, I congratulate the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club on their apparent support of a mutual goal.....empowering the youth to become great fans and keepers of the football and civic culture in Hamilton.

Two thumbs up to the team for putting the release right on the front page of www.ticats.ca.

Hopefully we may see more clubs, groups or just bands of marauders stepping up and making an investment in the future of football in Canada.

I grew up in Canada, played minor league football, high school and some at McMaster. I now live in the US and play competitive touch football.

The US is a football factory. Kids can play against top competition from the time they are 5 years old. It's no different than the opportunities Canadian hockey players have. Top level instruction and competition makes a person that much better at their chosen sport.

I love that the Cats are working to give Canadian kids the opportunity to learn at a high level. And, I am proud to be one of the board of director members who voted unanimously to sponsor Jarred for the camp.

Let's get more groups of Marauders out there doing something for the future of Canadian football players.

What a great thing you guys are doing. You should be very proud of yourselves. :smiley: I hope Jarred has a great time at the Camp. Classy move by the organization to include that on the site.