Jarius Jackson < Cleo Lemon

Yes, i said it.
Cleo Lemon is WAY better than Jarius Jackson.
I hope to never see jackson play a down of football again.
Horribly inaccurate on EVERY throw.
Recievers have to jump as high as they can to even have a chance at the ball. Either that, or he throws them in the dirt.
Wide open check-down play and the fires a heater high. WTH.
What is the point paying for an experienced backup QB if the guy is terrible?
Argos should have saved their money and brought in a cheap rookie. Results would have been the same anyway.

How is Jackson in this league, yet Printers and Bishop are not?

Steven Jyles will be available in a few weeks.........vbg.

One of our best trades......cough....cough.......

If Cory Boyd was a bad fit for the Milanovich offence, then Jarious is a TERRIBLE fit for it.

As I said last week, from the time he broke in with BC Jarious has always struggled with accuracy on the short throws. For whatever reason his 5yd to 7yd passes always seem to be too high, too wide or in the turf.

Jarious still has a cannon for an arm and throws a beautiful deep ball. His strength is downfield 15+yd passes.

This is completely against the Milanovich offense which is built around 3yd or 4yd dump passes. That's doesn't work with Jarious.

But as has been the case all year, Scotty is going to stick with his dream at all costs. The useless All Canadian OLine...the abondonment of the running game...the short little dump passes.

Chip Lemon will forever be the biggest puss to ever play football.

No player in history has ever missed two weeks with a chipped tooth.

Printers has a severe attitude problem, and his last stint in the league wasn't successful at all. Bishop is old and prone to making too many bad decisions.

They are similar in my eyes.

And Bishop just sucksssssssssssssssssssssssss.

and jarius jackson doesn't?

Jarious is pretty much what happens when you take a backup QB and put them in on a bad offense. I don't know why people were expecting different, since its not like Ricky Ray was lighting it up and he's a good QB.

jarius jackson has zero accuracy.
throwing high, or in the dirt is not because of the play calls. every catch that was made, was made by a receiver jumping as high as he could and catching it by his finger tips before getting smoked by a defender.

over throwing random bombs down the field - again, not in the playbook.
when a receiver runs across the field to the right, you throw the ball in the direction he is going. not behind him.

jackson is brutal.

I don't necessarily disagree. I've never been particularly impressed with the guy. If Ray continues to be out, I'd seriously look at giving that Harris kid a shot. I don't believe that the Argos are going anywhere with Jackson at the controls, so may as well give the kid a look-see.

I honestly think Bishop is worse.

i agree.

Whatever happened to Cleo Lemon? What is he doing these days? I understand he had a serious attitude issue which prevented him from getting picked up by another CFL team. Is he flipping burgers at Wendy's? If he is I'd like to know which franchise picked him up. I want to go and say hi and order a son of baconator.

Lemon over Jackson; agreed. :cowboy:

Lack of success is what did him in, really the attitude problem didn’t emerge until he was pulled from a game where he was playing reasonably well and the only problem was that nobody on the damn team could catch the ball.

Not sure if Ray is ready, but if he's not and the Argos are serious about winning, screw Milanovich's dink and dunk playbook. Throw that thing away. Have Jackson call his own plays. He has a keen understanding of this game, but the possession, ball control, short passing game just is not his forte. Never has been. Worse, he now has a (charitably speaking) patchwork O-line to worry about.

Ironically, he's always been more accurate on the 50 yard pass play than the 5 yard pass. Let him play sandlot. Chuck it deep. It will loosen up defenders (notice how the Als were just pinning their ears back in the 4th quarter?). They'll have to respect his arm.

Having followed his career from Notre Dame through his years at BC, I can almost guarantee the Argos will have more success this way. Sadly, he's never had a playbook that plays to his strengths.

Jackson has way played more and played better than Lemon ever thought of playing. He's doing alright for a 37 year who has had shoulder surgery. Kackert would make quite a difference if he was in their. Riggs is too easy to defense.
Jackson is also a way better runner than Lemon. No comparison.

That may have been part of it Tridus but you would have thought that a guy who became starting QB would have at least been picked up by any one of the other 7 teams. Coaches can recognize if the reason the ball isn't being caught has more to do with the receivers than with the QB.

Well, he never had terribly good arm strength, and even in that game most of the passes were of the short variety. I don't think a lot of upside was there to him, but in that last game he was killed by the Argos having the worst receivers in the CFL that year.

Might have been able to hang around as a backup somewhere, but between the lack of upside and the issues that arose around him it really wasn't worth it for anybody.