Jarious watch.

I think the next game will determine where Jarious is in regards to ability and reliability. This game ahead is probably the most important game for him in his Lions career and I am very excited to see how he performs knowing first place is up for grabs. I am looking for big things Saturday in Sask.

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Can't wait for Saturday's game as well.

Jarious is looking better each game. His stats would've looked a lot better against the Argos if his receivers had been more consistent. I counted 4 clear drops.

But regardless how he does, Buck is back in once he is able. And I think our only chance to repeat is with Buck; don't see it with JJ at the controls.

I say ride JJ till he falters, get him the game experience so he can become a competent back up behind Buck.

This will be a big test for Jackson. If he can rise up and put on a good performance, his stock will rise. If he can keep it up, rest Pierce until he is 100%.