Jarious wants out!!!!

…when told that he won the Gladiator watch he asked if he could choose the colour…and if so could he please get a red one or a white one!!!..OMG, big time trouble in BC now!!!..

Trade deadline is coming up....

He has a red Porsche probably wanted it to match.

Wow, what a decision for Wally when DD comes back and together with Bucky.
Still, i have to say how JJ is the man right now and Wally has to stay with him.

I don't think BC is about to make any big changes to the team this season . maybe in the off season WB may try to move him , he may try to make some deals somewhere if DD dosn't come back.


I made that up.

So now you're saying he wanted a red/white watch because of an imminent trade to Calgary, not because of the Porsche?


...I'm sure we can throw a Porsche in there somewhere....

I think if Dave ends up retiring, JJ may become our permanent #1B behind Buck.

...I think he is your permanent #1 in front of Buck....

JJ is the 1a QB in BC right now.
I still can't see DD coming back.
JJ is playing out his option so who knows....

I'll tell ya what, gimme a Jarious any day of the week. A third stringer off the bench playing almost veteran like, this guy is going to develope into dam fine CFL QB.

I'd love to see him in a Stamp Jersey.
Wally cannot and should not pull him. If you thought there was QB contraversy with Printers & Dickenson just wait. Here's a guy who can be a starter on any CFL team now and flurish. He's not going to sit behind 2 QB's anymore, not after this stretch.

He's a very solid QB, makes smart decisions, doesn't do anything fancy just gets the 'W'.

I think people fail to realize he's 30 years old though, he's not some young up and coming QB.

JJ gots lots of good, but he hiccups too much. Buck is more consistant and will be number 1.

I really hope Jarious re-signs with the Lions. Thank you Taman for not trading for him.

Jaarius to winterpeg straight up for Troy Westwood. It's a done deal according to Marty York!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If both Dickenson and Pierce are healthy, will Jackson want to be a 3rd stringer again? There are lots of teams that could use a capable back-up.

Wally will do whatever it takes to keep JJ in BC IMO. DD's days are numbered even if he comes back . JJ is one tough QB as well as being a lot better than everyone thought , well everyone other than Wally that is. WB has been blowing JJ's horn for a couple of seasons already and had him as the 2-a QB earlier already , with Pierce as the 2-b QB at one point.

No way JJ could afford a Porsche on the salary he's been making here so far. Heck , he sounded genuinely excited about getting that watch on TV to me.

Like I said on an earlier post on the Lions site , DD will not be back I think he’s done and the Lions will not want to have anything to do with him, they dont want to see him with severe brain dammage. If DD still wants to come back they will deal him to TO as a back-up to MB as Allen will retire .