Jarious out for season -- Rotator Cuff

Reports out of BC are that Jarious will be out for the rest of the season, as an MRI showed a rotator cuff injury.

With Buck's durability, we'll see Lulay and Champion 1/2 by next month. Unless Printers' phone starts ringing.

It appears Buck Pierce could be back in the starter's role with the B.C. Lions this Saturday.

Starter Jarious Jackson is doubtful and will have an MRI to determine the extent of what the team is calling a shoulder strain.

Yes, I think Printers will be called.

Suddenly my pick of Toronto doesn't seem so much like going out on a limb...

Do you really think Wally would stoop so low as that? I think he might be more inclined to make a trade with the Esks for Mr. Maas.

I suppose you're right dusty but is Maas' shoulder all healed up or is he only good in a short fill in role to wing it and then the shoulder gives out? I don't know.

I think the Lions would have better luck getting Printers then going after Maas,If you are the Esk’s,why would you trade him to a team you dont want to make the playoffs and possible turn there season around and come after you for 1st place with Cal and Sask.If Ray were to go down they would turn to Mass,there insurance policy,I think Maas is a great backup and a short term starter if needed.But as far as working a full season,I think Maas is done.

I'd trade Maas if we could get one, maybe two (being greedy now :lol:), good defensive players. Otherwise, no dice.

When was Jarius injured? I missed most of B.C.'s last game. Did it happen then, or during practice. This is a little surprising. And even with Buck coming back, the Lions are still in trouble. All the Argos would have to do this weekend is take one roughing the passer penalty... Game over.

[url=http://communities.canada.com/theprovince/blogs/fifthquarter/archive/2009/09/17/pierce-returns-as-lions-starter-jackson-out.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/theprovin ... n-out.aspx[/url]
It was reported Thursday that an MRI taken on Jackson's throwing shoulder revealed a torn rotator cuff. If confirmed, that would knock Jackson out for the remainder of the season.

Why would EE trade Mass to BC??????????

EE and BC are battling for last in the west , and now you want to give BC possibly the best # 2 pivot in the league.......crazy idea.

JJ had two problems, he jammed his right pinkie finger early in the game, and the shoulder injury came on the last series of the game. The finger injury caused him to lack some finesse in his throwing on Sunday from what I've heard so far.

Maybe we'll see Jeff Garcia again.

I'm guessing he's pretty happy with his Eagles gig.....

So ... who do they bring in?

Dinwiddie? Richie Williams? Casey Printers?

Trade Buck Pierce to Toronto for Joseph?

Tough it out and watch Buck get smucked, and then go with Lulay?

Ben Sanky

David Archer?

Thanks for the update. That definitely sucks for the Lions...

As for who the Lions should play if Buck Pierce gets knocked out with another head injury, I think they should go with the guys they have. I'm getting kind of tired of teams panicking and scrambling for what ever QB they can get. Saskatchewan did it last year. Winnipeg's doing it this year. B.C should just tough it out with Lulay or whoever else is on the roster. After all, how else are these guys going to learn the game and become capable QBs?

I was thnking about it the other night... I wonder if Winnipeg should've just stuck it out with LeFors. Clearly bringing in Bishop didn't change a damn thing.

Well, on Lionbackers, someone heard Wally say on 1040 that he is going to have to consider CP...at least CP knows the system, and Geroy & Paris.

Our worry is that Buck is going to start on Saturday and get hurt sometime, and if we don't have someone with experience to step in, our season is over. Lulay & Champion may end up being good CFL QB's, but they just don't know enough yet, and if we have to go with one of them, we can be assured that we will not get past either the Stamps or Eskimos this year, or anyone else for that matter.

It's unfortunate, but Casey may be our only shot at still having a winning season (not a big shot, but a shot nonetheless). :frowning:

One other thing, CP is not going to be able to demand a huge salary, whether from us or from any other CFL team. The fact of the matter is he spent 2 years in the NFL and did nothing. Just over a year in Hamilton, and did next to nothing. He is going to have to prove himself first if he ever wants to earn the big bucks again. I would say he won't get more than Lulay or Champion at this point, and will back up Buck until Buck is hurt again.

Buck is a younger version of Dickenson...without the background of professional success.

I'm not saying Sankey is the answer, but he's one guy that I thought might turn into something. He shredded Sask. for a half last year. Funny how no one else showed any interest.

BC's problem is that Buck getting hurt again is a virtual certainty - the only question is when will it happen. And if it's his melon, he's likely done for good. So Wally knows he's probably got a permanent roster spot for somebody - there's likely no one better than Printers in this regard. He'd be conceding the season to do nothing, knowing that he'll be going down the stretch with two QB's who have never started a CFL game.

I'd bring him in, let him back up Pierce to start, let him play when Buck goes down, and then next year you have an open camp at the QB spot.

As much as I hate to say it, I think you're right, I don't think we have any other option right now. The Leos are stuck between a rock and a hard place.