Jarious Jackson's # 1

Wow! that was an awesome game on Saturday what an ending. They showed Saskatchewan players high-fiving each other like they had already won the game, and then J.J. marches the lions down and tosses a perfect stike to Geroy and just like that… game over.He can deliver when the stakes are high…, you gotta like that.Maybe Buck will have to wait awhile for another shot. And its great to see Geroy’s back!

I think they will ride Jarius as far as they can. I still think that Buck Pierce is not fully recovered to the point that he can survive a brutal hit - just my view, I have heard nothing to suggest I am right of course.

What I'd hate to see for Buck's health and the sake of the team is that they rush him back and sit Jackson, only to have Pierce hurt and a bit of a mess with the pysche of JJ maybe a bit damaged if that took place.

And now that Burris is out for Calgary, why not rest Pierce one more week and go with Jackson?

It just shows that you can NEVER count the Lions out...they seem to thrive on that sort of situation (for the most part). When they face adversity, they usually rise to the occassion.

I loved that finish...kind of cramped the Rider pride, didn't it? A game just ain't over till it's over. And I think the Riders celebrated just a tad too early.