Jarious Jackson

He never got much playing time expect for coming cold of the bench in the Calgary game and maybe an SK game, but he did a good job in short yardage and never really screwed up on the FG' team..but you never heard the guy complain....so hats off to him.

Lulay is the Lions QB, but we seem to over look the little things that add up over time. :rockin:

JJ will make a good second string to Lulay next year. Be interesting to see who else competes for the job next spring.

Career backup. He had many chances to show he coudl start but never was good enough. Good team player it seems.

Yes Grims, JJ is a very good team player. Even though he barely played he still alwways rooted on his team and helped Lulay out with plays. You would sometimes see Lulay going up to JJ.