Jarious Jackson vs Wally Buono

Finally Jarious gets the nod for the next game.

Wally never game him any credit for keeping the team in the game when he played much of the season a couple of years ago and still doesn't. It took the Medical staff to say no to Wally for putting Printers back in. Printers has shown very little acumen to come up to the mark necessary to make a good quarterback, let alone a CFL quarterback. Lulay needs a lot more years of training but I doubt with that arm of his that he's ever going to get there. Jarious has great game experience in tight and important games and while I don't know his record, he can certainly get us out of the bottom.

There are great receivers out there and the fans should get their heads out of ... with the suggestion to trade some of our great receiving staff. When the ball gets within the vicinity of the receivers they can come up with the catch. Put Jarious in; let him stay in and let him show us with a few games just how well he can play.

He's our only hope for making a playoff berth against Edmonton this year. LET HIM PLAY!! Wally, you need to think as the GM and suggest a retirement for the coaching position and one of the sub coaches as well. Can't be GM and Coach at the same time. Brayley, you need to think hard about this move too.