Jarious Jackson on the trading blocks

Wally anounced on the team 1040 today that he is looking to move Jackson to an Eastern team, saying that Jackson is to good to be a third string QB. I certainly would hate to loose a player with his talent and skill set, but he really is to good to be 3rd on the depth chart. If he moves on, I really hope he gets a chance to play and show case his talents and strong arm. If he moves to the East I would suspect that Hamilton would be the most likely team to aquire his services.

Any team in the East could potentially be attempting to acquire Jackson as a backup. I'd bet money he won't look as good on the team he is traded to when compared to his play on the lions. The Lions offensive system and receivers are amongst the very best in the league, and IMO can make a QB look better than he seems.

Hamilton was mentioned as being one of the teams interested.

Don't be to surprised to see him back here either.

Well you can count Hamilton out now, having traded for Butler.

Montreal? I doubt it, I expect they are content with Brady and Palmer as the backups (goodbye Nealon Greene).

So that leaves Winnipeg and Toronto; Winnipeg certainly needs a quality backup after having gone through disasters like Tee Martin, Ryan Dinwiddie, and Mike Quinn. Toronto does too, and may even need a starter!

So, if you were Wally, who would you want off Winnipeg's roster and Toronto's roster in exchange for Jackson?

As much as I'd like someone good, I doubt we'd get anything more than a draft pick or two, no matter which team it was. Like Pennw pointed out, he could be back here as well.

You may find this hard to beleive, but Wally has a forth stringer hidden out here some where thats also supposed to be pretty good. He came to practice when Dickenson was out last year. His name escapes me.

Do not forget the QB from DD home town

...are you thinking of Ty Emmert?

I am not even sure he is still in football