Jarious Jackson gone

new OC in BC

Congrats to him...I felt he did a solid job in Sask and this is a deserved progression for the man. I thought there might be a chance he would move somewhere, glad to see it in BC as I think he could be a 2019 HC candidate...he has the demeanor.

Yes I also thought his presence was positive.
So where does that leave the Riders for replacement?

Was Jarious Jackson with the same group of coaches that accompanied Jones to Regina when Jones left Edmonton? I guess I should just look this up, lol. Turns out - yes he was.

Obviously then a bit of a hit to the Riders losing him. One thing about Chris Jones - he won't try to be a QB coach or offensive braintrust for the team. That's not in his wheelhouse. He will pursue someone qualified who can backfill the void left by Jackson's departure.

Yes...JJ was the WB coach in Edmonton. HE was the QB coach in BC for a year or 2...then the two in Edmonton...then Sask. My money says we see some name from the SE of the US.

Thanks. Very curious to see who it will be.

Might he be interested in Khari Jones for Q.B. coach?

Have they ever worked together?

I can't see that they would take any steps to emulate the BC O from 2017...and this would be a step towards that. Jones and Mac are not fans of deep ball ball