Jarious Jackson as offensive co-ordinator?

K, I know, this might sound dumb. But think about it, he is a team player, he had very little playing time and did not get mad at all. He still supported his team and helped them out. And you would see each game Lulay going up to JJ for support. I think this guy is very smart, and after his QB career, maybe he should be an O co-ordinator?

I hate to be the one to dispel this little fantasy of yours, but ex QBs don’t just land in an offensive coordinator,job without first paying their dues in the coaching business. If JJ chooses to coach one his playing (or in his case, clipboard carrying ( days and gets an opportunity in the CFL or maybe US college ball, he would likely be hired as a quarterbacks coach or other position coach.

A former BC Lions broadcaster, J Paul McConnell, once said this gem about being a CFL assistant coach: “Well, the pay isn’t good, but the hours are long!”

-Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

I think that pumpkin has been on your head too long.

I'm all for it , good idea . maybe hire Printers as your new GM too :wink: :wink:
I'm kidding , JJ is a good teammate but he should pay his dues before assuming a major coaching position. maybe someday he will.

JJ is a very smart guy without a lot of playing miles on him. He is extremely patient and is an excellent teammate. He has a strong running ability and at times has shown flashes of brilliance. He reads coverages quite well and has that sixth sense about when the pass rush is getting close to him. An injury in his first, or was it his second, year slowed his progress with BC.

Unfortunately he has never made full use of the opportunities he got to start. He'll be 34 on May 3rd, in a game of mostly twenty-somethings. He is arguably past his best-before-date. His Lions career passing percentage is 54.7 with 50 TDs, 33 picks and an 83.0 passer rating. His best year was probably 2007, where he threw 18 TDs vs. 10 picks for 2553 yards on 304 attempts. At this stage of his career he's the kind of QB a coach would put into the game with the team behind with a quarter or less to go and use that big arm to manufacture a comeback. He has at times made bad decisions when pressured, ergo the higher than desired number of picks and somewhat low pass percentage. But you could say that for every quarterback in every league. At times he has struggled with touch passes and overall has never achieved the consistency he and his coaches hoped for.

It is true that lots of successful coaches were solid pros but not "star" players. Don Matthews, Cal Murphy and Wally Buono come to mind. Conversely, stars like Matt Dunnigan, Jackie Parker and Ronnie Lancaster were great between the lines but not quite so successful as coaches.

Could Jarius be a coordinator someday? Not right now; he'd have to pay his dues first. Probably he'd start as a guest coach (read "guest" to mean unpaid) then maybe get hired as a position coach if and when such a position becomes available. There are likely many more opportunities to break into the coaching business in the US, possibly with a division 2 school. If he's successful at that, maybe he gets consideration for a coordinator job up here. But if he stays up in Canada he's at the bottom of a list of guys who want to move up in an eight team league. That last statement more or less sums up his BC Lions career.

J P McConnell once opined this gem about CFL assistant coaches: "The pay isn't good, but the hours are long". He He He...

Dooger in Surrey :cowboy:

shouldnt include lancaster in that. He was quite successfull in edmonton and hamilton. Only bombed in sask when he went at it too soon.