Jarious Jackson about to sign with. . .

Lowell Ullrich is reporting that a deal is in place for Jarious Jackson to return to the BC Lions:

[url=http://communities.canada.com/theprovince/blogs/fifthquarter/archive/2011/02/24/ups-and-downs-end-with-jackson-deal.aspx]http://communities.canada.com/theprovin ... -deal.aspx[/url]

Thanks for the update of sorts MadJack. This Zabransky thing has me feeling unrest if true. :expressionless: (rumor however)

It's official now... Jackson extends with the Leo's.


either he's been given some big cash bonus or nobody gave him enough..

Decent money for a backup I would say:

Bad news for my Argos.

It is good news. Any player who prefers to sit on the bench instead of competing, is not worth signing...

I don't think you can say that. He is very popular here with his teammates (he's a team captain even though he's not a starter!) and lives part of the off-season here in Vancouver. Perhaps he likes his situation and was offered more to stay than to head for Toronto or Winnipeg (neither of whom seemed too enthusiastic towards signing him, nor did they offer him a starter's role)?

We're always ripping guys for leaving for a few bucks more while we become a league of mercenaries. Now a guy chooses to stay in a place where he's played his entire CFL career and suddenly his ambition and competitiveness gets questioned. :roll:

:thup: :thup: So true obviously Toronto or Winnipeg didn't want him enough to convince him to come to their team, tough cookies good luck with the QB's you have...

He's probably a great guy. I was suggesting that it would not be a good signing for the Argos because he is not competitive enough to be a starting QB especialy on a rebuilding team. I'm sure he'll make a wonderful backup in BC. Kind of reminds me of Maas. Terrible starter in Hamilton but great backup locker room leader in Edmonton.

You're making a lot of assumptions. You have no idea what Barker may have told Jackson or what type of money the Argos might have been offering. If Barker only offered a back-up position and the money was close to or the same as the Lions offered, why would Jackson leave the Lions? Lulay is an unproven, young QB - Jackson would probably have a better opportunity getting the starting position in BC if Lulay falters since Barker seems to stick with his starter no matter what while Buono can be quick with the hook.

.....yeah the leos need all the help they can get at qb.... :lol: Jackson is a tremendous signing :wink:

Actually it is a tremendous signing for the Lions.

Seems like, if not Jackson, their backup plan was either Stefan LeFors or Kerry Joseph.

Better off bringing Jackson back.

....yes it's a good move....I wonder though, how much Jarious jacked-up his asking price, while dickering with the Bombers and Argos...Guess only his agent and Wally knows for sure...That could have been the best move.. :lol:

Good to hear we have signed more experianced cannon fodder.
Er, I mean QB.

With the bad luck BC has had with QBs and injuries (Dickenson, Pierce, Printers, etc etc) the last 5 years... JJ has had plenty of opportunities to play in Vancouver. Seems like a good move to stay to me.