Jared Zabransky

Does anyone know the status of this guy in the NFL draft, does he have a shot, and if not what are the odds the cats can pick this kid up...he has incredible play faking ability and a pretty good arm...looked impressive in the fiesta bowl against Oklahoma University.

My guess is that he will get drafted. Remember that Tom Brady was a 6th round pick and Zabransky had a better college career than Brady. Plus he had a great game on national TV against OU.

He might get a look but I dont think he'll stick in the NFL. He doesnt have the greatest arm plus I think he is on someones neg list out West.

Awesome QB.....won't cut it in the NFL though....he's better suited for the CFL and will be a terrific catch.

Vinny?......input please....come out, come out wherever you are! :smiley:

he's on the Esks neg list already if he doesn't make the NFL
he will likely get at least a bit of attnetion in the NFL with his size (6'2"/205 lbs) and his college stats